1st Edition

Agrosphere Nutrient Dynamics, Ecology and Productivity

By K R Krishna Copyright 2003
    354 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The book deals with agroecological aspects of nutrients essential to crop production. A new concept termed 'AGROSPHERE' has been introduced in the book. A brief description about agrosphere, its expanse, contrasting features and interactions with other ecospheres, global nutrient dynamics and food production trends within various agro ecosystems forms the introductory chapter. The book encompasses discussions on the major agroecosystems/ cropping belts that contribute to global food grain harvests, fruits and other beneficial commodities.

    The Agrosphere
    The Temperate Wheat Agroecosystem in Great Plains of North America Nutrient Dynamics, Ecology and Productivity
    The Temperate Wheat Zones of European Plains, Australia and Pampas in Argentina Nutrient Dynamics and Productivity
    The Intensive Rice Culture in South and Southeast Asia Nutrients in Rice Land Ecosystem
    The Rice-Wheat Agroecosystem of the Indo-Gangetic Plains Nutrients, and Productivity
    The Dryland Agroecosystem of West Asia, North Africa and South Asia Nutrients, Water and Productivity
    The Semi-arid Tropical Agroecosystem Nutrient Dynamics
    The Humid Tropical Agroecosystem Nutrient Dynamics
    The Citrus Agroecosystem of Florida Nutrient Dynamics and Productivity
    Tropical Forest Ecosystems Nutrient Dynamics
    The Temperate and Boreal Forests Nutrients and Productivity


    K R Krishna