1st Edition

Air Power History Turning Points from Kitty Hawk to Kosovo

Edited By Sebastian Cox, Peter Gray Copyright 2002
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    382 Pages
    by Routledge

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    he 20th century saw air power transformed from novelists' fantasy into stark reality. From string and canvas to precision weaponry and stealth, air power has progressed to become not only the weapon of first political choice, but often the only conceivable option. This rapid development has given rise to considerable debate and controversy with those holding entrenched views rarely slow to shout their case. Many myths have grown over the period, ranging from the once much vaunted ability of air power to win wars alone through to its impact as a coercive tool.

    This volume examines the theory and practice of air power from its earliest inception. The contributors have been drawn from academia and the military and represent some of the world's leading proponents on the subject. All significant eras on air power employment are examined: some are evidently turning points, while others represent continuous development. Perhaps more importantly, the book highlights the areas that could be considered to be significant, and invites the reader to enter the debate as to whether it constitutes a continuum, a turning point, or indeed a revolution.

    Part 1: The First World War and the Inter-War Years 1. Learning in Real Time:The development and implementation of air power in the First World War Tami Biddle 2. Achieving Air Ascendancy: Challenge and response in British strategic air defence, 1915-40 John Ferris 3. The Royal Navy Air Service: A very modern service Christina J.M. Goulter 4. The "Luftwaffe" and Lessons Learned in the Spanish Civil War James S. Corum Part 2: The Second World War: the Second World War As a Turning Point in Air Power Richard P. Hallion 5. Maritime Air Power and the Second World War: Britain, the USA and Japan John Buckley 6. A Neglected Turning Point in Air Power History - Air power and the fall of France Stuart W. Peach 7. "Learning is Winning" -Soviet air power doctrine, 1935-41 James Sterret 8. The Development of Tactical Air Doctrine in North Africa, 1940-43 Brad Gladman Logistics Doctrine and the Impact of War : The royal air force's experience in the Second World War Peter Dye 9. Australia and the War in the Pacific, 1942-45 Ian MacFarling Part 3: The Gulf War 1991: planning the air campaign - the Washington Perspective Diane Putney 9. The 1991 Bombing of Baghdad: Air power theory vs. Iraqi realities, John Andreas Olsen 10. The Gulf War and UK Air Power Doctrine and Practice Sebastian Cox and Sebastian Ritchie Part 4: Air Power in Regional Conflict: Solidifying the Foundation 11. Vietnam's Impact on the Basic Doctrine of the US Air Force Mark Clodfelter 12. Air Power Victorious? Britain and NATO strategy during the Kosovo conflict Sebastian Ritchie 13. The Balkans: An air power basket case? Peter W. Gray


    Sebastian Cox, Peter Gray

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