1st Edition

Aircraft Noise Assessment, Prediction and Control

    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Aircraft noise has adverse impacts on passengers, airport staff and people living near airports, it thus limits the capacity of regional and international airports throughout the world. Reducing perceived noise of aircraft involves reduction of noise at source, along the propagation path and at the receiver.

    Effective noise control demands highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. This book is for them. It shows you how accurate and reliable information about aircraft noise levels can be gained by calculations using appropriate generation and propagation models, or by measurements with effective monitoring systems. It also explains how to allow for atmospheric conditions, natural and artificial topography as well as detailing necessary measurement techniques.

    A review of the aircraft noise problem
    Environmental impacts of airports
    Description of aircraft noise
    Basic equations
    Criteria and methods of aircraft noise assessment
    Control of noise impact
    Regulations and standards for aircraft noise
    The main sources of aircraft noise
    Jet noise
    Fan and turbine noise
    Combustion chamber noise
    Airframe noise
    Propeller and helicopter noise
    Aircraft noise propagation
    Factors influencing outdoor sound
    Predicting the ground effect
    Comparisons of measured and predicted ground effects
    Shadow zones
    Classification of meteorological effects
    Typical sound speed profiles
    Sound propagation in a turbulent atmosphere
    Sound propagation over noise barriers
    Sound propagation through trees
    Methods for aircraft noise prediction
    An acoustic model of an aircraft
    Evaluation of an acoustic model of an aircraft
    Prediction of noise under the flight path: trajectory models
    Effects of ground, atmosphere and shielding by wing and fuselage
    Prediction of aircraft noise during ground operations
    Prediction of noise in the vicinity of an airport
    The influence of operational factors on aircraft noise levels
    Aircraft on the ground
    Under the flight path
    Takeoff and climbing
    Descent and landing
    Methods of aircraft noise reduction
    Reduction of noise at source
    Noise reduction under the flight path
    Noise reduction in the vicinity of an airport
    The efficiency of acoustic screens for reducing noise from airport ground operations
    Reduction of noise impact by optimum scheduling of aircraft operations
    Monitoring of aircraft noise
    Reasons for noise monitoring
    Instrumentation for aircraft noise monitoring
    Uncertainties in measurements and predictions
    Identifying sources of noise events
    Interdependencies and tradeoffs between noise and other environmental factors associated with civil aviation


    Oleksandr Zaporozhets and Vadim Tokarev are Professors at the National Aviation University of the Ukraine. Theywere awarded a silver medal forachieving success in the development of a national economy of theUSSR in 1987. Keith Attenborough is Research Professor in Acoustics at the Open University, Education Manager of the (UK) Institute of Acoustics, and former Editor-in-Chief of Applied Acoustics. In 1996 he received the Rayleigh gold medal from the Institute of Acoustics and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics and a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America.

     "This book reflects decades of experience and investigations of the authors in the various fields of aviation acoustics and its effects on the surrounding environment... the book is absolutely recommended for its completeness and its unique approach in describing both the aircrafts as noise sources and the impact of airports on the environment while also giving suggestions on how to mitigate these problems and how to monitor and keep them under control."
    —International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, Vol. 19, No. 3, 2014

    This book is striking as an in-depth compilation of the vast knowledge gained by the two lead authors.
    Noise Control Engineering Journal

    …a useful overview of the tools needed for managing and monitoring aircraft noise impact.
    The Aeronautical Journal January 2013