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1st Edition

Al Qaeda

Edited By

Paul Cruickshank

ISBN 9780415581745
Published November 9, 2012 by Routledge
2304 Pages

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Book Description

This new Routledge Major Work collection of the best scholarly research and serious writing on Al Qaeda will be welcomed by researchers, students, and counter-terrorism specialists as the go-to resource. The gathered materials are mainly drawn from scholarly journals of the first rank and chapters from the most authoritative books. Also included are a small number of newspaper and magazine articles which have already made an enduring impact on what is a very new field of research.

Al Qaeda is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.

Table of Contents


PART 1: The Evolving Threat

1 Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism Since 9/11

bruce hoffman

2 What Changed and What Did Not on 9/11

louise richardson

3 Reevaluating Al Qa’ida’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities

peter bergen

4 Al Qaeda: Killers and Bunglers

michael sheehan

5 The Changing Face of Al Qaeda and the Global War on Terrorism

bruce hoffman

6 The Iraq Effect: The War in Iraq and its Impact on the War on Terrorism

peter bergen and paul cruickshank

7 Europe’s Jihadist Dilemma

peter r. neumann

8 Al Qaeda Strikes Back

bruce riedel

9 The Next Generation of Terror

marc sageman

10 The Myth of Grass-Roots Terrorism: Why Osama bin Laden Still Matters

bruce hoffman

11 Does Osama Still Call the Shots? Debating the Containment of al Qaeda’s Leadership

marc sageman and bruce hoffman

12 Al-Qaeda Central: An Assessment of the Threat Posed by the Terrorist Group on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border

barbara sude

13 Evaluating the Al Qa’ida Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Homeland

philip mudd

14 The Evolving Terrorist Threat in Yemen

christopher boucek

15 Assessing the Jihadist Terrorist Threat to America and American Interests

peter bergen, bruce hoffman and katherine tiedemann

16 The Death of Usama bin Ladin: Threat Implications for the U.S Homeland

philip mudd

PART 2: Safe Havens and Training

17 Jihad after Iraq: Lessons from the Arab Afghans

mohammed m. hafez

18 A Nation Challenged: Al Qaeda’s Grocery Lists and Manuals of Killing

david rohde and c. j. chivers

19 Training on a Battlefield: Iraq as a Training Ground for Global Jihadis

truls hallberg tønnessen

20 How Did Europe’s Global Jihadis Obtain Training for Their Militant Causes?

petter nesser

21 The Militant Pipeline Between the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Region and the West

paul cruickshank

22 Foreign Fighters in Somalia

michael taarnby and lars hallundbaek

23 Could Al-Qaeda Turn African in the Sahel?

jean-pierre filiu

24 Yemen on the Brink?: The Resurgence of al Qaeda in Yemen

barak barfi


PART 3: Al Qaeda before 9/11

25 Revisiting the Early Al Qaeda: An Updated Account of its Formative Years

peter bergen and paul cruickshank

26 The Evolution of the Jihad

marc sageman

27 Bin Laden Returns to Afghanistan: Getting Settled and Politicking

michael scheuer

28 Bin Laden in Afghanistan: Targeting America and Expanding Al Qaeda

michael scheuer

29 The Bin Laden Trial: What Did We Learn?

peter bergen

30 Terrorism’s Dark Master

peter bergen

31 The Man Behind Bin Laden: How an Egyptian Doctor Became a Master of Terror

lawrence wright

32 Inside Al Qaeda’s Hard Drive: Budget Squabbles, Baby Pictures, Office Rivalries—and the Path to 9/11

alan cullison

33 Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Family Business

yosri fouda and nick fielding

PART 4: Al Qaeda post 9/11

34 Survivor and Planner, 2001–2010

michael scheuer

35 The New Al-Qaeda Central

craig whitlock

36 Radicalization and Subversion: Al Qaeda and the 7 July 2005 Bombings and the 2006 Airline Bombing Plot

bruce hoffman

37 Retaining Relevance: Assessing Al-Qaeda’s Generational Evolution

jarret brachman

38 Manchester, New York and Oslo: Three Centrally Directed Al-Qa’ida Plots

rafaello pantucci

39 Al-Qa’ida’s Key Operative: A Profile of Mohammed Ilyas Kashmiri

seth nye

40 The Leaderless Jihad’s Leader

bruce hoffman

41 Al Qaeda Without Bin Laden: How Terrorists Cope with Their Leader’s Death

brynjar lia

42 Al Qaeda in its Third Decade: Irreversible Decline or Imminent Victory?

brian michael jenkins

43 Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Ladin Sidelined?

nelly lahoud, stuart caudill, liam collins, gabriel koehler-derrick, don rassler and muhammad al-‘ubaydi

PART 5: Administration and Financing

44 Al Qaeda’s Organizational Structure and its Evolution

rohan gunaratna and aviv oreg

45 Cracks in the Foundation: Leadership Schisms in al-Qa’ida from 1989–2006

vahid brown

46 The Evolution of Command

leah farrall

47 A Financial Profile of Al-Qaeda and its Affiliates

juan miguel del cid gómez

48 Al-Qa’ida’s Finances: Evidence of Organizational Decline?

matthew levitt

49 Is al Qaeda Bankrupt?

nathan vardi


PART 6: Al Qaeda’s Affiliates

50 Al Qa’ida Central and Local Affiliates

vahid brown

51 Looking for the Pattern: Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia: The Genealogy of a Terror Network

david martin jones, michael l. r. smith and mark weeding

52 Islamist Violence and Regime Stability in Saudi Arabia

thomas hegghammer

53 Suicide Terrorism in Iraq: A Preliminary Assessment of the Quantitative Data and Documentary Evidence

mohammed m. hafez

54 Introduction

joseph felter and brian fishman

55 After the War in Iraq: What Will the Foreign Fighters Do?

peter bergen

56 Al-Qaeda’s Allies: Explaining the Relationship between Al-Qaeda and Various Factions of the Taliban after 2001

anne stenersen

57 A Profile of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

hassan abbas

58 Lashkar-e-Taiba in Perspective: An Evolving Threat

stephen tankel

59 Defining the Punjabi Taliban Network

hassan abbas

60 The Evolving Role of Uzbek-led Fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan

jeremy binnie and joanna wright

61 Ideological Alignment with al Qaeda: Towards the Global Jihad

michael taarnby and lars hallundbaek

62 Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Algerian Challenge or Global Threat?

jean-pierre filiu

63 AQAP: Origin and Evolution (2006–2011)

author name witheld

PART 7: Homegrown and Al Qaeda-Inspired Networks

64 The Rise of Leaderless Jihad

marc sageman

65 Confronting al-Qaeda: Understanding the Threat in Afghanistan and Beyond

marc sageman

66 The Hofstad Group: The New Face of Terrorist Networks in Europe

lorenzo vidino

67 A Typology of Lone Wolves: Preliminary Analysis of Lone Islamist Terrorists

raffaello pantucci



PART 8: Root Causes

68 License to Kill: Usama bin Laden’s Declaration of Jihad

bernard lewis

69 Interpreting the Broader Context and Meaning of Bin-Laden’s Fatwa

magnus ranstorp

70 Somebody Else’s Civil War

michael scott doran

71 What Were the Causes of 9/11?

peter bergen

72 Killing in the Name of Islam: Al-Qaeda’s Justification for September 11

quintan wiktorowicz and john kaltner

73 Suicide Terrorism, Occupation, and the Globalization of Martyrdom: A Critique of Dying to Win

assaf moghadam

74 Analysis: Why Arab Spring Could Be al Qaeda’s Fall

paul cruickshank

PART 9: Radicalization and Recruitment

75 The Jihadist’s Profile

marc sageman

76 Radicalization in the Diaspora

marc sageman

77 Terrorism in the Age of the Internet

marc sageman

78 Terrorist Recruitment and Radicalization in Saudi Arabia

thomas hegghammer

79 Militant Recruitment in Pakistan: Implications for Al Qaeda and Other Organizations

c. christine fair

80 Europe’s Angry Muslims

robert s. leiken

81 Clerical Error: The Dangers of Tolerance

peter bergen and paul cruickshank

82 Would-Be Warriors: Incidents of Jihadist Terrorist Radicalization in the United States Since September 11, 2001

brian michael jenkins

83 Anwar al-‘Awlaqi: Profile of a Jihadi Radicalizer

christopher heffelfinger

84 The Growing Danger from Radical Islamist Groups in the United States

paul cruickshank

85 The Female Jihad: Al Qaeda’s Women

katharina von knop

86 The Danger of Prison Radicalization in the West

james brandon

87 Enlisting Terror: Al-Qaeda’s Recruitment Challenges

paul cruickshank

PART 10: Propaganda

88 Analysis and Evolution of the Global Jihadist Movement Propaganda

manuel r. torres, javier jordán, and nicola horsburgh

89 Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations

steve coll and susan b. glasser

90 The Web as Weapon

susan b. glasser and steve coll

91 Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategies

marc lynch

92 The Real Online Terrorist Threat

evan f. kohlmann

93 Al-Qa‘ida’s Extensive Use of the Internet

gabriel weiman

94 Al-Qaeda Central and the Internet

daniel kimmage



PART 11: Ideology and Ideologues

95 The Origins of the Jihad

marc sageman

96 A Genealogy of Radical Islam

quintan wiktorowicz

97 The Philosopher of Islamic Terror

paul berman

98 Anatomy of the Salafi Movement

quintan wiktorowicz

PART 12: Aims and Strategy

99 Strategic Fissures: The Near and Far Enemy Debate

steven brooke

100 Changes in Zawahiri’s Ideology: The Near and Far Enemies

montasser al-zayyat

101 The Terrorist Calculus behind 9-11: A Model for Future Terrorism?

brigitte l. nacos

102 Abu Musab Al Suri: Architect of the New Al Qaeda

paul cruickshank and mohannad hage ali

103 Jihadi Strategists and Doctrinarians

brynjar lia

104 Al-Qa’ida’s Pakistan Strategy

don rassler

105 Al-Qaeda’s Palestinian Problem

barak mendelsohn

PART 13: Backlash and Critique

106 Introduction

gilles kepel

107 The Unraveling: The Jihadist Revolt Against Bin Laden

peter bergen and paul cruickshank

108 The Rebellion Within: An Al Qaeda Mastermind Questions Terrorism

lawrence wright

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'Compiled by Paul Cruickshank, a New York-based investigative journalist and one of CNN’s top correspondents on terrorism, this monumental five-volume collection of previously published articles by leading analysts on al Qaeda is, to date, the most comprehensive resource published on the terrorist organization and its worldwide affiliates.' - Joshua Sinai, The Washington Times

'Numerous insights presented by the volume’s contributors help us understand the magnitude of the threats posed by al Qaeda.' - Joshua Sinai, The Washington Times

'In today’s era, when multivolume printed reference sets are disappearing slowly with the rise of e-books and younger generations are accustomed to finding free content via online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, where the content is uneven at best, there still is no substitute to reading reference sets such as Mr. Cruickshank’s al Qaeda.' - Joshua Sinai, The Washington Times

'With its carefully selected and definitive chapters, readers who crave comprehensiveness and accuracy and are willing to pay for it will not be disappointed.' - Joshua Sinai, The Washington Times