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Albert Bates Lord Studies in Oral Tradition

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Hispanic Balladry Today

Hispanic Balladry Today

1st Edition

Edited By Ruth H. Webber
August 01, 1989

First published in 1989. The ballad or romance, as it is commonly called, has played a vital role over the centuries in Hispanic culture as an orally transmitted narrative song. It is characteristically the product of people who have had to look to themselves for entertainment. From the end of the ...

Nestor Poetic Memory in Greek Epic

Nestor: Poetic Memory in Greek Epic

1st Edition

By Keith Dickson
September 02, 2016

First published in 1995. This study presents techniques in the Greek epic, in various guises within literature and a commentary on the naming of Nestor, Nestor as AOIDUS, as intercessor, and as host....

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