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    Alchemy for Managers demonstrates how you can develop yourself through the actual experience of managing.

    Alchemy for Managers shows: - how you can use your practical experience as a self-contained means to develop yourself - without having to go on a course - how your own projects can develop your competence in both leadership and management - how managing external actions and your internal thought processes can be brought together in an integrated, holistic way.

    Preface; Setting your agenda - Personal transformation report 1; Effective action; Being effective; A developmental experience - Personal transformation report 2; Managing and leading; Creating a project; Shaping your experience; Putting yourself to the test - Personal transformation report 3; Managing politically; Collaborating; Using your power; Reflecting and evolving - Personal transformation report 4; Landfalls; Personal alchemy; The developing manager; References; Index.


    Reeves Tom

    'ideal core reference book for any action-learning management development programme...provides an excellent summary of current thinking about the existing role of the manager.'
    Action Learning News 1994

    'a treasure trove...I welcome a book that brings together in a coherent whole a mass of related and relevant ideas.'
    Action Learning News, 1994