1st Edition

Alcohol Education A Handbook for Health and Welfare Professionals

By Barbara Howe Copyright 1989

    Alcohol education in the 1980s was receiving greater emphasis in the training and practice of a wide range of health and welfare professionals. As we became more aware of the risks associated with excessive drinking, this practical, straightforward guide, originally published in 1989, would have been essential reading for health and welfare workers who were keen to develop the alcohol education aspect of their work and enable their clients and patients to use alcohol in a harm-free way.

    Barbara Howe looks at alcohol education in context, clarifying its role and place in the day-to-day work of health and welfare professionals at the time. She also discusses common myths and misunderstandings about alcohol among professionals and their clients. She describes various approaches to alcohol education and includes a series of practical exercises for use with individuals and families, aimed at increasing professionals’ confidence and competence in broaching the subject of alcohol. Although working practices may have changed since first publication, much of this title will still be useful today.

    Foreword.  Preface.  Acknowledgements  Section I - Alcohol Education: Getting it into Context  1. Putting Alcohol into Context  2. Deciding Where We Stand  3. Identifying the Influences at Work  4. The Place and Role of Alcohol Education  Section II – Alcohol Education: Getting Down to It  5. Approaches to Alcohol Education  6. Planning Alcohol Education  7. Implementing Alcohol Education  8. Working with the Family  Section III – Alcohol Education: Getting Over the Difficulties  9. Overcoming Obstacles and Difficulties  10. Increasing Access to Training.  Glossary of Terms.  Recommended Reading.  Bibliography.  Index.


    Barbara Howe