1st Edition

Alcohol Problems in Employment

Edited By Brian D. Hore, Martin Plant Copyright 1981

    The majority of problem-drinkers are not unemployed derelicts but are employed persons often with senior positions in commerce, the professions and industry. Furthermore, it is well-known that alcohol causes widespread absenteeism, inefficiency and accidents at work.

    Originally published in 1981, Alcohol Problems in Employment reviews the evidence relating to the general effects of alcohol misuse on employment and the special problems involved in certain ‘high-risk’ industries at the time. A number of international case studies are then presented to illustrate what was being done to counter the problem.

    Part One: The General Context  Introduction Brian D. Hore and Martin A. Plant  1. Alcohol and Alcoholism: Their Effect on Work and the Industrial Response Brian D. Hore  2. Risk Factors in Employment Martin A. Plant  Part Two: Occupational Studies  Introduction Martin A. Plant  3. Drinking and Alcohol-Related Problems in Five Industries John B. Davies  4. The Medical Profession Robin M. Murray  5. Alcohol Problems in the Fishing Industry in North-East Scotland Keith J. B. Rix  6. Alcohol and Occupation Jacques Godard  7. Problem Drinking Among American Railroad Workers F. James Seaman  Part Three: The Industrial Response  Introduction Brian D. Hore  8. One Company’s Experience Allan F. Blacklaws  9. Policies in the United States William S. Dunkin  10. Industrial Alcohol Programs in Norway Fanny Duckert  11. French Approaches to Alcohol Problems in Employment Jacques Godard  12. Policies in Australia Denis J. Travers.  Appendix: Policy on Alcoholism and Other Dependencies.  References.  Notes on Contributors.  Index.


    Brian D. Hore and Martin A. Plant