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    The science of the etiology and treatment of alcohol has made notable progress in recent years. Since the early 1970s there have been growing in-roads made concerning the relevance of hereditary factors in alcoholism. This has led to the presentation of various innovative hypotheses in this field. In conjunction with this there has been much discussion and study of the "alcoholic personality" and its possible characteristics. These may be considered the "longitudinal aspects" linked to the transmission of alcoholism.

    Preface, Contributors, Introduction, I. GENETIC FACTORS OF ALCOHOLISM, 1. Alcoholism, A Familial Disorder: Genetic Aspects, 2. CNV of Substance Use Patients with Alcoholic Father, 3. Drinking Behavior and Lifestyles in Twins, PART I: Discussion, II. GENETIC FACTORS OF ALCOHOLISM: CLINICAL ASPECTS, 4. Steps Towards a Classification of Alcoholism: Lessons from Adoption Studies, 5. Prospective Evidence for the Effects of Environment upon Alcoholism, 6. Genetic Polymorphism of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase in Orientals as a Genetic Marker of a High-Risk Group of Alcoholism, PART II: Discussion, III. ALCOHOLIC FAMILIES AND MENTAL HEALTH, 7. International Perspectives on Alcoholism and the Family: An Overview of WHO Activities, 8. The Results of a Survey on Counseling at Public Health Centers in Tokyo, 9. Alcoholism and the Native American Family, PART III: Discussion, IV. ALCOHOLISM AND FAMILY MODELS, 10. Family Systems Approaches to the Alcoholic Family: Research Findings and Their Clinical Applications, 11. Therapeutic Control and Therapeutic Impasse: Therapists Hitting Bottom with an Alcoholic Family, 12. A Cultural Approach to Conceptualizing Alcohol and the Family, 13. Marriage Patterns of Females from Alcoholic Families in Japan, PART IV: Discussion, V. THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES TO THE ALCOHOLIC FAMILY, 14. Our Experiences in Family Therapy, 15. Treatment of Psychiatric Illness in Adolescents with Alcoholic Parents, 16. Therapeutic Effects of Counseling on Wives of Alcoholics, 17. Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Alcoholic Families: Broad-Spectrum Intervention, 18. Effects of Family Alcoholism, PART V: Discussion, Name Index, Subject Index


    Satoru Saitoh, M.D., Peter Steinglass, M.D. and Marc A. Schuckit, M.D.