1st Edition

Alcoholism New Knowledge and New Responses

Edited By Griffith Edwards, Marcus Grant Copyright 1977

    Originally published in 1977, alcoholism was acknowledged to be a seriously growing problem in many parts of the world. It is a complex disorder with psychiatric, physical, psychological and social aspects, having far reaching harmful effects on the family and society, as well as on physical and mental health of the alcoholic themself. At the time of original publication it had been estimated that in England and Wales 11 out of every 1,000 in the adult population had a serious drink problem, and alcoholism was a major cause of admission to psychiatric and general hospitals. Alcoholism was a medico-social problem of such magnitude that this comprehensive volume, embodying advances in knowledge of causation, treatment and prevention filled an urgent need at the time. Still a major concern today this reissue can be read in its historical context.

    Prefaces Sir Cyril Clarke and Professor Linford Rees.  Introduction Griffith Edwards and Marcus Grant  Section I: Scientific Understanding  1. Cirrhosis and Alcohol Consumption: An Epidemiological Perspective Wolfgang Schmidt  2. Three Themes in the Epidemiology of Alcoholism Norman Kreitman  3. Factors Influencing Alcohol Consumption David Robinson  4. The Role of Licensing Law in Limiting the Misuse of Alcohol Christopher Clayson  5. Alcoholism: What Psychology Offers Jim Orford  6. Behavioural Analysis of Alcoholism Howard Cappell  7. The Biological Basis of Alcoholism: Some Recent Experimental Evidence J. M. Littleton  8. Genetics and Alcoholism James Shields  9. The Alcohol Dependence Syndrome: Usefulness of an Idea Griffith Edwards  Section II: The Varieties of Harm  10. Alcoholic Liver Diseases – Basic Pathology and Clinical Variants Roger Williams and Michael Davis  11. Alcoholic Liver Diseases – Nutritional Deficiency or Direct Toxicity? Michael Davis  12. Neurological Disorders Induced by Alcohol C. D. Marsden  13. Alcohol and the Pancreas I. S. Benjamin, C. W. Imrie and L. H. Blumgart  14. Alcohol-Induced Hypoglycaemia and Endocrinopathy Vincent Marks  15. Blood Disorders Due to Alcohol I. Chanarin  16. Alcohol and Self-Poisoning A. T. Proudfoot and J. Park  17. Head Injuries and Alcohol W. R. Murray  18. Impact of Alcoholism on Family and Home Jim Orford  19. Alcohol and Alcoholism: The Impact on Work B. D. Hore  20. Alcohol and Road Accidents J. D. J. Havard  21. Alcohol and Crime D. N. Hancock  22. Alcoholism and Suicide Bruce Ritson  Section III: Treatment and Education  23. How Good is Treatment? Anthony W. Clare  24. Behaviour Therapy Ray Hodgson  25. Making Treatment Better Raj Rathod  26. Setting up Detoxification Centres B. D. Hore  27. The Primary Health Care Team D. I. Acres  28. A Joint Psychiatric and Medical Outpatient Clinic for Alcoholics G. K. Shaw and A. Thomson  29. The Reality of Medico-Psychiatric Cooperation N. Krasner  30. Alcoholism: The Changing Role of the Psychiatrist T. A. Spratley, A. K. J. Cartwright and S. J. Shaw  31. Alcohol Education D. L. Davies.  List of Contributors.  Index.


    Griffith Edwards, Marcus Grant