1st Edition

Alcoholism Treatment in Transition

Edited By Griffith Edwards, Marcus Grant Copyright 1980

    Originally published in 1980, the purpose of this book was to aid a process of rethinking alcoholism treatment. Such a process was already underway in many parts of the world at the time. It was hoped that this volume would be useful in the modest role of abetting such a rethinking. Alcoholism treatment was definitely in transition, abandoning old certainties, searching for new syntheses and that is the position this book takes looking for an alternative understanding. The book is divided into six parts: Transition as Challenge; Does Treatment Work?; Towards Better Questions and Better Methodologies; Treatment System as Case For Study; Models in Transition; and Alcohol Agendas. The book also contains one chapter that discusses alcoholism treatment in a developing country, not often addressed at the time but acknowledgement that the problem is a global one.

    Introduction Griffith Edwards and Marcus GrantPart One: Transition as Challenge  1. The Doctor’s Dilemma George E. Vaillant  2. What Alcoholism Isn’t Borrowing Jerome H. Jaffe  3. Challenging Our Confusions Marcus Grant and Anthony Clare  4. Charting What Has Changed Marc A. Schuckit  Part Two: Does Treatment Work?  5. The Rand Reports and the Analysis of Relapse David J. Armor  6. Patterns of Remission in Alcoholism J. Michael Polich  7. Alcoholism Treatment Effectiveness: Slicing the Outcome Variance Pie Raymond M. Costello  8. Treatment of Alcoholic Women Helen M. Annis  Part Three: Towards Better Questions and Better Methodologies  9. Understanding Treatment: Controlled Trials and Other Strategies Jim Orford  10. Treatment Strategies for the Early Problem Drinker Ray J. Hodgson  11. Anybody Got a Match? Treatment Research and the Matching Hypothesis Frederick B. Glaser  Part Four: Treatment System as Case For Study  12. The Meaning of ‘Treatment Services for Alcohol-Related Problems’ in Developing Countries David V. Hawks  13. Treatment-Seeking Populations and Larger Realities Robin Room  14. What Can Medicine Properly Take On? Klaus Mäkelä  15. Special Units for Common Problems: Alcoholism Treatment Units in England and Wales David Robinson and Betsy Ettore  16. Profiles of Treatment-Seeking Populations Harvey A. Skinner  17. Health Services Planning – Does It Ever Work? John M.M. Banham  Part Five: Models in Transition  18. Sciences in Transition Rom Harré  19. Is There a Leading Theory? David L. Davies  20. Relapse in Alcoholism: Traditional and Current Approaches Gloria K. Litman  Part Six: Alcohol Agendas  21. Alcoholism Treatment: Between Guesswork and Certainty Griffith Edwards.  Notes on Contributors.  Index.


    Griffith Edwards and Marcus Grant