1st Edition

Alexander Pope Selected Poetry and Prose

Edited By Robin Sowerby, Alexander Pope Copyright 1988
    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    Alexander Pope's technical polish and intellectual poise appeal to the subtlest audience. This selection includes The Rape of the Lock, Eloisa to Abelard, and extracts from The Dunciad and the translation of Homer.

    Introduction ALEXANDER POPE: SELECTED POETRY AND PROSE; Ode on Solitude; from Boetius, de cons. Philos.; Adriani morientis ad Animam; The Dying Christian to his Soul; To Henry Cromwell, 19 October 1709 [with Argus]; To Henry Cromwell, 25 November 1710 [on versification]; An Essay on Criticism; Epistle to Miss Blount with the Works of Voiture; from Windsor Forest; [On sickness] (essay from The Guardian); The Rape of the Lock; Epistle to Miss Blount, on her leaving the Town, after the Coronation; Eloisa to Abelard; Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady; The Iliad of Homer; from the preface; from the second book of the Iliad: The trial of the army and catalogue of force; from the eighth book of the Iliad: A nightpiece; from the twelfth and sixteenth books of the Iliad: The episode of Sarpedon; from the eighteenth book of the Iliad: The grief of Achilles, and new armour made him by Vulcan from the nineteenth book of the Iliad: Thetis brings to her son the armour made by Vulcan….; He arms for the fight; from the twenty-first book of the Iliad: The battle in the River Scamander; The Odyssey of Homer from the tenth book of the Odyssey: Adventures with…Circe; from the postscript; from the Preface to the Works of Shakespeare; To Mrs M.B. on her Birthday; Epitaph. On Mrs Corbett, Who died of a Cancer in her Breast; Epitaph. On Mr Elijah Fenton. At Easthamstead in Berks, 1730; Epitaph. On Mr Gay. In Westminster Abbey, 1732; An Essay on Man from the first epistle: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to the universe from the second epistle: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to himself, as an individual from the third epistle: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to society; from the fourth epistle: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to happiness; Epistle to a lady. Of the Characters of Women; Epistle to Burlington; To Dr Arbuthnot, 26 July 1734 [On his satire]; An Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot; The First Satire of the Second Book of Horace Imitated: To Mr Fortescue; The First Epistle of the First Book of Horace Imitated: To L. Bolingbroke; The First Ode of the Fourth Book of Horace: To Venus; The Dunciad in Four Books


    Alexander Pope, Edited by Robin Sowerby