2nd Edition

Alexander's Marshals A Study of the Makedonian Aristocracy and the Politics of Military Leadership

By Waldemar Heckel Copyright 2016
    398 Pages
    by Routledge

    398 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This substantially revised and updated second edition of The Marshals of Alexander’s Empire (1992) examines Alexander’s most important officers, who commanded army units and were involved in military and political deliberations. Chapters on these men have been expanded, giving greater attention to personalities, bias in the sources, and the social as well as military setting, including more on familial connections and regional origins in an attempt to create a better understanding of factions. The major confrontations, military and political, are treated in greater detail within the biographies, and a discussion of the organization and command structure of the Makedonian army has been added.

    Table of Contents


    List of Abbreviations

    Map of Alexander’s Empire


    Chapter 1: The House of Attalos

    Chapter 2: The House of Aëropos

    Chapter 3: Antipatros son of Iolaos

    Chapter 4: Parmenion and Philotas

    Chapter 5: Black Kleitos and his Relatives: The House of Dropidas

    Chapter 6: Koinos son of Polemokrates

    Chapter 7: Hephaistion son of Amyntos

    Chapter 8: Meleagros son of Neoptolemos

    Chapter 9: Leonnatos son of Anteas

    Chapter 10: Krateros son of Alexandros

    Chapter 11: Perdikkas son of Orontes

    Chapter 12: The Sons of Andromenes

    Chapter 13: Polyperchon

    Chapter 14: The Family of Harpalos

    Chapter 15: Ptolemy son of Lagos

    Part II

    The Instruments of Power

    1. Alexander and the Macedonian Aristocracy

    2. The Organization of the Army


    1. Sirrhas (Irrhas) the Illyrian

    2. The so-called conspiracy of Amyntas Perdikka

    3. Asandros son of Philotas

    4. Artakoana

    5. The Office of Chiliarch and Hephaistion’s Chiliarchy

    6. White Kleitos and the Naval War in the Aegean

    7. Neoptolemos archihypaspistes

    8. Antigenes, Commander of the Silver Shields

    9. The Sons of Larichos: Erigyios and Laomedon


    1. The House of Attalos

    2. The Lynkestian Royal House

    3. The House of Iolaos

    4. The House of Parmenion

    5. The Family of Black Kleitos

    6. The Family of Krateros of Orestis

    7. The House of Andromenes and the Family of Perdikkas


    Waldemar Heckel is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at theUniversity of Calgary (Canada), where he was previously Professor of Classics.

    Enthusiasts of Alexander the Great, as well as scholars and students, will be delighted by this thoroughly revised edition of an essential book for the study of the last decades of the fourth century BC. It will no doubt sit on the shelves of every university library.

    - Professor Fabienne Marchand, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland