1st Edition

Alfred P. Sloan Critical Evaluations in Business and Management

    958 Pages
    by Routledge

    Alfred P. Sloan is credited with the invention of the modern corporation. At the helm of General Motors from 1923 to 1946, he had a profound influence on management thinking in America and much of the Western world through his unique, ahead-of-its-time, management style.
    Sloan's leadership and the sheer success of General Motors led to an enormous amount of study and writings on his contribution to management theory and practice.

    This set is part of the Critical Evaluations in Business and Management series. Future titles in the series will include:
    George Elton Mayo
    W.E. Deming
    Joseph M. Juran
    Peter F. Drucker
    Herbert Simon
    H. Igor Ansoff
    Alfred D. Chandler
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    Volume One Part 1. The Founders of General Motors Part 2. 1920s Reorganization at General Motors Part 3. Fisher Body Part 4. Management at General Motors - Assessment Volume Two Part 4. (continued) Part Five: Employee Relations Part Six: General Motors Today Part Seven: General Motors and Public Transport