Algorithms and Complexity  book cover
2nd Edition

Algorithms and Complexity

ISBN 9780367659486
Published September 30, 2020 by A K Peters/CRC Press
219 Pages

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Book Description

This book is an introductory textbook on the design and analysis of algorithms. The author uses a careful selection of a few topics to illustrate the tools for algorithm analysis. Recursive algorithms are illustrated by Quicksort, FFT, fast matrix multiplications, and others. Algorithms associated with the network flow problem are fundamental in many areas of graph connectivity, matching theory, etc. Algorithms in number theory are discussed with some applications to public key encryption. This second edition will differ from the present edition mainly in that solutions to most of the exercises will be included.

Table of Contents

Preface, Preface to the Second Edition, 0 What this Book Is About, 0.1 Background, 0.2 Hard versus Easy Problems, 0.3 A Preview, 1 Mathematical Preliminaries, 1.1 Orders of Magnitude, 1.2 Positional Number Systems, 1.3 Manipulations with Series, 1.4 Recurrence Relations, 1.5 Counting, 1.6 Graphs, 2 Recursive Algorithms, 2.1 Introduction, 2.2 Quicksort, 2.3 Recursive Graph Algorithms, 2.4 Fast Matrix Multiplication, 2.5 The Discrete Fourier Transform, 2.6 Applications of the FFT, 2.7 A Review, 2.8 Bibliography, 3 The Network Flow Problem, 3.1 Introduction, 3.2 Algorithms for the Network Flow Problem, 3.3 The Algorithm of Ford and Fulkerson, 3.4 The Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem, 3.5 The Complexity of the Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm, 3.6 Layered Networks, 3.7 The MPM Algorithm, 3.8 Applications of Network Flow, Bibliography, 4 Algorithms in the Theory of Numbers, 4.1 Preliminaries, 4.2 The Greatest Common Divisor, 4.3 The Extended Euclidean Algorithm, 4.4 Primality Testing, 4.5 Interlude: The Ring of Integers Modulo, 4.6 Pseudoprimality Tests, 4.7 Proof of Goodness of the Strong Pseudoprimality Test, 4.8 Factoring and Cryptography, 4.9 Factoring Large Integers, 4.10 Proving Primality, Bibliography, 5 NP-Completeness, 5.1 Introduction, 5.2 Turing Machines, 5.3 Cook’s Theorem, 5.4 Some Other NP-Complete Problems, 5.5 Half a Loaf, 5.6 Backtracking (I): Independent Sets, 5.7 Backtracking (II): Graph Coloring, 5.8 Approximate Algorithms for Hard Problems, Bibliography, Hints and Solutions for Selected Problems, Index

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Herbert S. Wilf


"[The examples] are selected with great care and enable the reader to concentrate directly on the main features of the demonstrated topics. . . . The book can be warmly recommended to those willing to learn (or teach) basic ideas of computational mathematics." -EMS Newsletter, March 2004