1st Edition

Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace's Villa

By Ian Gordon Brown Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. This volume contains Allan Ramsay's "Enquiry into the Situation and Circumstances of Horace's Sabine Villa". It also features essays about Ramsay, Jacob More, Jacob Philipp Hackert, the garden and country house in 18th-century British thought, and the archaeology of the Licenza Valley. The aims of the editors are three-fold: to print the text as Ramsay would have wished to, had he been able; to publish the related illustrations by Hackert, More and Ramsay; and to provide some basic background facts and commentary. They hope to help the contemporary reader understand the antiquarian context in which Ramsay was writing and to appreciate Ramsay's contribution to our understanding of the site conventionally known as Horace's Villa.

    1: Introduction; 2: Allan Ramsay: Artist, Author, Antiquary; 3: Some Reflections on the Idea of Horace’s Farm; Describing the Villa: un rêve virgilien; 5: Illustrating Horace’s Villa: Allan Ramsay, Jacob More and Jakob Philipp Hackert; 6: Ramsay’s ‘Enquiry’: Text and Context; 7: A Note on the Text of Ramsay’s ‘Enquiry’; 8: An Enquiry into the Situation and Circumstances of Horace’s Sabine Villa Written during travels through Italy in the years 1775, 76, and 77; 9: Catalogue: Illustrative Works Relating to Allan Ramsay’s Search for Horace’s Villa


    Ian Gordon Brown