1st Edition

Allegiance in Church and State The Problem of the Nonjurors in the English Revolution

By L.M. Hawkins Copyright 1928

    Allegiance in Church and State (1928) examines the evolution of ideas and ideals, their relation to political and economic events, and their influence on friends and foes in seventeenth-century England – which witnessed the beginning of both the constitutional and the intellectual transition from the old order to the new. It takes a careful look at the religious and particularly political ideas of the Nonjurors, a sect that argued for the moral foundations of a State and the sacredness of moral obligations in public life.

    1. The Background  2. The Nonjuring Church  3. The Origin and Aims of Monarchical Government  4. Sovereignty  5. Church and State  6. Charles Leslie  7. Later Developments of Anglo-Catholic Political Theory


    L.M. Hawkins