1st Edition

Allende and Popular Unity The Road to Democratic Socialism

    This book is a fascinating collection of carefully handpicked key texts and speeches from Chile’s 1,000 Days of Revolution, previously unpublished in English. Twenty-three texts embodying the activity of Unidad Popular and Salvador Allende’s government in the early 1970s are structured around five thematic sections, which tell the story of the common challenges for progressive political organizations and social movements today. The themes of participatory democracy and sovereignty, economy and social rights, women and gender equality, indigenous people, and worker-class syndicalism and political organization guide the reader through the multidimensional and global vision of Popular Unity’s socialist project. Ideal for students, scholars, and general readers, this book introduces an extraordinary period in Chile’s history to a new generation of readers interested in the resurgence of democratic socialism around the world.

    Introduction 1. Participatory Democracy and Sovereignty on the Road to Socialism 2. Economy and Social Rights 3. Women and Gender Equality 4. Indigenous People 5. Unionism and Working Class Organization


    Paula Vidal Molina is an associate professor in the Department of Social Work at the University of Chile. Her research interests include state politics and policy, public policy, and Chilean Marxism history.

    Ximena U. Odekerken is a doctoral student at the National University of San Martin, Argentina. Her research interests include political history and the history of the Left in Chile.