1st Edition

Alternative Conventional Defense Postures In The European Theater Military Alternatives for Europe after the Cold War

Edited By Hans G. Brauch, Robert F. Jr. Kennedy Copyright 1993
    338 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    First published in 1993. This volume, edited jointly by the American strategic expert Robert Kennedy and the German peace researcher Hans Giinter Brauch, takes up conceptual ideas developed by Horst Afheldt and Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker, as well as others on both sides of the Atlantic, since the 1960s. Our aim has been to contribute to the development of concepts that would reduce the danger of a third world war by the creation of more stable structures in the context of a defensively oriented conventional defense posture. In this volume a variety of alternative approaches to European conventional defense, driven for the most part by similar strategic considerations, are presented by German and American experts to a larger international audience.

    Part 1 Surveys of force posture alternatives: debate on alternative conventional military force structure designs for the defense of central Europe in the Federal Republic of Germany; the American debate on conventional alternatives for the defense of Central Europe. PArt 2 Force posture alternatives: nuclear forces and the defense of Europe; mutual structural defensive superiority - a new security philosophy and elements of a new force structure design; nonprovocative defense - a conceptual critique and an alternative approach. Part 3 Internaional and domestic changes: Germany's political role and military force planning in the post Cold War order in Europe and the continued relevance of non-offensive defense; European security, NATO and the future of the new international cooperative system after the second Russian revolution.


    Hans Gunter Brauch, Robert Kennedy