1st Edition

Alternative Materials for the Reinforcement and Prestressing of Concrete

Edited By J.L. Clarke Copyright 1993

    Steel has traditionally been incorporated into concrete structures to overcome its limited tensile strength. Corrosion of the steel reinforcement or prestressing system is a major problem, particularly in aggressive environments, with serious implications for the integrity and durability of the concrete structure. One of the most promising approaches to this problem involves replacement of the steel with man-made fibres.

    In this book, an international panel of authors provides an authoritative overview of the subject, bringing together all aspects of the development of alternative reinforcing materials, and describing their properties and worldwide applications.

    Civil and structural engineers involved in concrete design and construction, materials researchers and advanced students will find this book a comprehensive, up-to-date and valuable source of reference.

    Preface, Contributors, 1 The need for durable reinforcement, 2 Glass-fiber reinforcing bars, 3 NEFMAC grid type reinforcement, 4 Oriented polymer grid reinforcement, 5 Parafil ropes for prestressing tendons, 6 Glass-fibre prestressing system, 7 Strengthening of structures with advanced composites, 8 Aramid-based prestressing tendons, Index


    J.L. Clarke