1st Edition

Alternative Realities A Study of Communes and their Members

By Andrew Rigby Copyright 1974

    Originally published in 1974, this book examines the nature of the commune movement, its members and the communal activities in which they are involved. It explains the forces in 20th Century society that moved people to form and join communes. The author investigates the claim made by many commune members that the commune represents a viable alternative institution to that of the nuclear family, and considers the relevance of the commune movement as a revolutionary social movement aimed at the creation of an alternative society.

    1.Introduction 2. The Communitarian Tradition 3. Man in Society 4. Youth, the Youth Culture and the Underground 5. The Commune Movement in Britain 6. Religious Communes in Britain 7. The Paths to Community 8. The World of the Communtarians 9. Communes and the Nuclear Family 10. Communes and Social Change.


    Andrew Rigby is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Coventry University, UK.

    Review of the Original Edition of Alternative Realities:

    ‘Rigby…offers a well-informed perspective that will interest many.’ James T. Richardson, Sociological Analysis Vol 38, No. 4