Aluminum Recycling  book cover
2nd Edition

Aluminum Recycling

ISBN 9781138073043
Published March 29, 2017 by CRC Press
282 Pages 153 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

What makes this book unique is a specific focus on aluminum recovery, rather than just recycling in general. It also offers an integrated discussion of scrap recovery and re-melting operations and includes economic as well as technical elements of recycling. Important topics include a discussion of the scrap aluminum marketplace and how secondary aluminum is collected and sorted, the design and operation of furnaces for melting scrap, the refining of molten aluminum, and the recovery and processing of dross from re-melting operations. This second edition features more information on aluminum scrap pricing and the economics of recycling, the analysis of dross processing methods currently in use by the industry, and drosses produced. The book has been updated throughout to include the most up-to-date information.

Table of Contents

Brief History of Aluminum Recycling
Advantages (and Challenges) of Recycling
Recommended Reading

Ore Body
Wrought Aluminum Alloy System
Cast Aluminum Alloy System
Product Mix
Recommended Reading

Scrap Collection
Materials Life Cycle
Scrap Collection Practice
Recommended Reading

Aluminum Recycling Economics
Scrap Grades
Scrap Prices
Scrap Purchasing
Cost of Processing
Recycling Products and Their Price
Recommended Reading

Beneficiation Technology
Sensor-Based Sorting
Thermal Processing
Recommended Reading

Beneficiation Practice
New Scrap
MSW 06
UBCs and Other Packaging
Automotive Scrap
Electrical and Electronic Scrap
Recommended Reading

Melting Furnace Fundamentals
Heat-Transfer Kinetics
Chemistry of Fluxing
Refractory Interactions
Recommended Reading

Melting Furnace Parts and Accessories
Charging and Preheating
Road Crucibles
Environmental Equipment
Recommended Reading

Fossil-Fuel Furnaces
Single-Chamber Designs
Multiple-Chamber Furnaces
Small-Volume Melters
Rotary Furnaces
Holding and Dosing Furnaces
Recommended Reading

Electric Furnace Melting
Induction Furnaces
Resistance Furnaces
Recommended Reading

Recycling Industry
Who Recycles Aluminum?
Influences on the Aluminum Recycling Industry
Recycling around the World
Recommended Reading

Metal Refining and Purification
Common Impurities in Molten Aluminum
Fundamentals of Impurity Removal
Refining Strategy
Recommended Reading

Dross Processing
Types of Dross
Processing Options for Dross
Recommended Reading

Safety and Environmental Considerations
Collection and Beneficiation
Thermal Processing and Melting
Responses to Hazards
Recommended Reading

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"Whether by good fortune or excellent judgement, the timing of this latest edition could hardly have been better! It will provide future generations of engineers and technologists the opportunity to develop procedures to cope with the anticipated growth of recyclable auto aluminum in the coming decades. This second edition of Aluminum Recycling is a 'tour de force' account of every facet of the recycling, or secondary, aluminum industry."
Light Metal Age, August 2014

"The first edition of Mark’s book was the "aluminum "standard of the aluminum recycling subject areas as it treated theory and practical aspects, useful in both classrooms as well as on factory floors. … this second edition will become the "gold standard" of the aluminum recycling subject since it will be additionally useful in research laboratories, corporate headquarters and commodity trading floors."
—Dr. Subodh Das, Phinix,LLC, CEO and Founder

"The author points to trends in future scrap supply and technical developments… The book seems to be easily accessible and thus should attract new students and workers."
—Anne Kvithyld, SITNEF, Trondheim, Norway

Praise for the Previous Edition

"The graphs, charts, and photography are excellent additions to the content ... an informative, easily readable and understandable overview of aluminum recycling."
—Mary Raum, Naval War College, JOM On-Line, September 2008

"... Schlesinger has provided a valuable service by addressing all parts of the aluminum recycling process in one concise volume ... provides many helpful charts and graphs."
Scrap, July/August 2007

"… the book appears to be an excellent start on a general overview of aluminum recycling."
—Brian P. Cochran, Wabash Alloys, LLC, Indiana, USA