1st Edition

Ambush Marketing in Sports

By Gerd Nufer Copyright 2013
    ISBN 9781138833869
    176 Pages
    Published December 22, 2014 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415626781
    176 Pages
    Published March 15, 2013 by Routledge

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    Ambush marketing is a strategy by which a company or organisation uses their marketing communications to associate themselves with an event without being an official sponsor or authorised partner or licensee. It has become a particular concern in the marketing of major sports events, with international sponsorship and branding properties worth many millions of dollars. Ambush Marketing in Sports is the first book to offer comprehensive analysis of the theoretical and practical implications of ambush marketing.

    Drawing on cutting-edge empirical research data, the book outlines an innovative model for understanding ambush marketing and offers practical advice for all stakeholders, from sponsors and event organisers to media organisations. The book examines the opportunities and the risks of ambush marketing, assesses the legal, ethical and business dimensions, and offers advice for preventing ambush marketing in a range of contexts. Fully supported throughout with examples and cases from major international sports events, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, this book is important reading for any student, researcher or practitioner with an interest in sport marketing, sport business or event management.

    1. Introduction  2. Theoretical Foundation of Ambush Marketing  3. Ambush Marketing in Practice  4. Structuring the Strategies and Manifestations of Ambush Marketing  5. Consequences of Ambush Marketing  6. Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Ambush Marketing  7. Prevention of Ambush Marketing  8. Empirical Research on the Impact of Ambush Marketing  9. Critical Assessment of Ambush Marketing  10. Final Observations


    Gerd Nufer is Professor of Business Administration specializing in Marketing and Sport Management at Reutlingen University, Germany. He is also Director of the German Institute for Sport Marketing based at the same university. Gerd worked in the marketing industry before moving into academia and has published widely on the subject in both journals and books.

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