1st Edition

American Geisha

By Taylor Copyright 2006

    This book captures the challenges and experiences of an American woman who arrived in 1950's Japan. It is a timeless example of how to live abroad successfully in an increasingly global world, as well as fascinating account of everyday life in Japan in the immediate post-war years. .

    1. Flowers and Welcome 2. The Japanese Workman 3. Good Samaritans 4. Greek Tragedies 5. My Two-Wheeler 6. Black Market Street 7. A Geisha House 8. The Springs of Noboribetsu 9. Bathing in the Nude 10. A Noh Play 11. Honourable Flowers 12. The Tea Ceremony 13. Carnival Night 14. To the Races 15. Lake Shikotsuko 16. “Never No War-U” 17. The Kabuki Theatre 18. Tokyo And Nikko 19. Back To Tokyo 20. Nara, Japan's First Capital 21. At a Buddhist Temple 22. The Course of True Love 23. A Japanese Art Shop 24. Number One Geisha 25. East is East 26. A Funeral 27. Mrs. Fortunate Mountain 28. Just Goodbye


    Marion Taylor