Americans from Africa : Old Memories, New Moods book cover
1st Edition

Americans from Africa
Old Memories, New Moods

ISBN 9781412863292
Published March 30, 2016 by Routledge
480 Pages

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Book Description

This book is the second of a two-volume set exploring the controversies about the experiences of Americans from Africa. It contains essays on the roots of protest, including the original "Confessions of Nat Turner;" the background and character of the Civil Rights Movement; the origins and impact of Black Power; and, finally, in "Negroes Nevermore," varied views on the meaning of Black Pride.

Included here are selections written by black and white social scientists, psychiatrists, historians, and political figures offered in careful juxtaposition. Among the contributors are Raymond and Alice Bauer, Robert Blauner, Stokely Carmichael, Erik Erikson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Joyce Ladner, C. Eric Lincoln, August Meier and Elliott Rudwick, Tom Mboya, Gerald Mullin, Alvin Poussaint, and Mike Thelwell.

Volume I, Slavery and Its Aftermath, addresses four other issues: the retention of "Africanisms;" the impact of slavery on personality and culture; differences in the experiences of living in the South and North; and matters of community, class and family.

Originally published in 1970, these volumes have stood the test of time. Each of the issues considered still resonate in American society and all are critical to understanding many matters that still confront many Americans from Africa.

Table of Contents


Preface to the Transaction Edition





Who Was Nat Turner?

1 Day to Day Resistance to Slavery
Raymond Bauer and Alice Bauer

2 The Roots of Black Nationalism
Eugene D. Genovese

3 Gabriel's Insurrection
Gerald W. Mullin

4 The Confessions of Nat Turner as Told to Thomas R. Gray
Nat Turner

5 William Styron: A Shared Ordeal
George Plimpton

6 The White Nat Turner
Mike Thelwell

Suggested Readings

Freedom Now!

7 Radicals and Conservatives: Black Protest in Twentieth-Century America
August Meier and Elliott Rudwick

8 The Social Context of Militancy
Gary T. Marx

9 The Crisis Which Bred Black Power
Nathan Wright, Jr.

10 The Americanization of Frantz Fanon
Aristide Zolberg and Vera Zolberg

11 The Revolutionary Myth
Lewis M. Killian

Suggested Readings


Whither Black Power?

12 What We Want
Stokely Carmichael

13 What "Black Power" Means to Negroes in Mississippi
Joyce Ladner

14 The Trouble with Black Power
Christopher Lasch

15 Black Rebellion and White Reaction
Aaron Wildavsky

16 Where Do We Go From Here?
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Suggested Readings

"Negroes" Nevermore

17 The Concept of Identity in Race Relations
Erik H. Erikson

18 The Self-Image of the Negro American
Alvin F. Poussaint

19 Mood Ebony: The Acceptance of Being Black
C. Eric Lincoln

20 What's in a Name?
Lerone Bennett, Jr.

21 Africa Conscious Harlem
Richard B. Moore

22 The American Negro Cannot Look to Africa for an Escape
Tom Mboya

23 Black Culture: Myth or Reality?
Robert Blauner

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