1st Edition

America’s Cold War against China Destined to Fail

By Peter Nolan Copyright 2025
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book discusses how the United States has launched a New Cold War against China.

    Showing how this New Cold War can only be fully understood by analysing the long-run history of the East and the West, and the fundamental differences between the Old and the New Cold Wars, this book outlines how the New Cold War focuses on issues connected with China’s territorial integrity: Xinjiang, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the closely connected conflict over semiconductors. It analyses the way in which China has responded to US-led Western aggression by following the approach suggested by Confucius: instead of ‘returning aggression with kindness’ or ‘returning aggression with aggression’, China has ‘returned aggression with firmness’. The book argues that the United States’ effort to establish hegemony over Eurasia has failed and that, in the face of this reality, there is no choice for the United States other than to cooperate with China in order to resolve the existential issues facing the human species.

    Demonstrating how US-led aggression has been rendered ineffective, this book will be a valuable resource to students and scholars of international relations and politics, including those in both China and the USA.

    Part 1: The First Cold War  1. Cold War in the West  2. Cold War in the East  Part 2: Merging the Cold Wars in the West and the East  3. The USA’s pursuit of Eurasian hegemony  4. The New Cold War against China: 1976-2023


    Peter Nolan is Founding Director, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge and Director, China Forum, Jesus College, Cambridge, UK