2nd Edition

Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete: The Anabolic Edge

By Mauro G. Di Pasquale Copyright 2008
    454 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Extensively updated with all chapters rewritten and double the information and references, Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete: The Anabolic Edge, Second Edition reflects the nearly exponential increase in data and knowledge in the past few years regarding the use of amino acids and proteins to enhance athletic performance.

    This groundbreaking book is written by physician Mauro Di Pasquale, two-time Pan American, two-time North American, and eight-time Canadian Powerlifting Champion. Dr. Di Pasquale served as an advisor to the World Wrestling and World Bodybuilding Federations, has written for numerous health and bodybuilding publications, and has published several books and newsletters on sports-related issues. In this volume, he imparts his scientific knowledge as well as lessons learned from his own athletic achievement to give professional and recreational athletes the tools they need to improve performance using nutrition and nutritional supplements as alternatives to drug use.

    The book begins with a brief review of energy and protein metabolism before describing the positive impact of supplementation on athletic performance, health, disease, and longevity. It reveals the actions of protein and amino acid supplements on muscle size and strength and energy metabolism as well as the role of specific amino acid supplements.

    The second part of the book, the practical how-to section, Naturally Anabolic, advises the athlete on ways to achieve maximum progress while avoiding the use of anabolic drugs. It provides the inside scoop on how to use nutrition to manipulate anabolic hormones naturally, and how to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle. The final chapter reveals the secrets of powerful nutritional supplements that can enhance an athlete’s performance. By following Dr. Di Pasquale’s time-tested advice, athletes will get the inside edge over the competition and take their achievement to the next level.

    The Theory
    Proteins and Amino Acids                              
    Exercise and Protein Metabolism
    Energy Metabolism
    Dietary Protein and Amino Acids
    Protein Foods vs. Protein and Amino Acid Supplements
    Physiological and Pharmacological Actions of Amino Acids
    Essential Amino Acids
    Conditionally Essential Amino Acids
    Nonessential or Dispensable Amino Acids
    Summary and Conclusions
    Naturally Anabolic
    Artificial Enhancement
    Getting It Together
    Examples of Useful Nutritional Supplement Formulations


    Mauro G. Di Pasquale

    “… nothing in the field comes close to the scale of information this book offers. … a valuable reference for personal trainers, nutrition advisors, coaches or any athlete who wants to be fully informed about the way protein and amino acids operate in the body. …”
    —Jerry Brainum, writing in Iron Man Magazine, July 2008