1st Edition

An Anthology of American Folktales and Legends

By Frank de Caro Copyright 2009
    400 Pages
    by Routledge

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    For folklorists, students, as well as general readers, this is the most comprehensive survey of American folktales and legends currently available. It offers an amazing variety of American legend and lore - everything from Appalachian Jack tales, African American folklore, riddles, trickster tales, tall tales, tales of the supernatural, legends of crime and criminals, tales of women, and even urban legends.The anthology is divided into three main sections - Native American and Hawaiian Narratives, Folktales, and Legends - and within each section the individual stories explore the myriad narrative traditions and genres from various geographic regions of the United States. Each section and tale genre is introduced and placed in its narrative context by noted folklorist Frank de Caro. Tale type and motif indexes complete the work.

    Preface; American Folktales and Legends: An Introduction; I. NATIVE AMERICAN AND NATIVE HAWAIIAN NARRATIVES; Tales From Native Traditions; II. FOLKTALES FROM A NUMBER OF TRADITIONS; Jack and His Fellows: Classic Hero Tales; Brave, Resourceful, and Kindly Women; The Grateful Dead and Other Magic Helpers; Magical Powers and Magical Objects; Lucky Accidents; Riddles and Clever Words; Tricks and Tricksters; Husbands and Wives; Priests, Preachers, and Other Professions; Fools and Mishaps; "Trick" Tales and Parodies; Some Other Humorous Tales; Religious Tales; III. LEGENDS FROM A NUMBER OF TRADITIONS; Witchcraft, Magic, and Healing; Omens and Other Strange Events; The Devil; Divine Retribution and Other Miracles; Native Americans; Folk Heroes, Local Characters, and Wild People; Panthers, Snakes, and Other Beasts; Hidden Treasure and Lost Mines; Slavery and the Civil War; Outlaws, Crime, and Criminals; Horrors; Place Names and Other Origins; Occupational Legends; "Urban" Legends; Story Credits; Index of Tale Types and Motifs.


    Frank De Caro