1st Edition

An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation (Volume 2) From the Late Twelfth Century to 1800

By Martha Cheung, Robert Neather, Copyright 2017
    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    Translation has a long history in China. Down the centuries translators, interpreters, Buddhist monks, Jesuit priests, Protestant missionaries, writers, historians, linguists, and even ministers and emperors have all written about translation, and from an amazing array of perspectives.

    This second volume of the seminal two-volume anthology spans the 13th century CE to the very beginning of the nineteenth century with an entry dated circa 1800. It deals mainly with the transmission of Western learning to China – a translation venture that changed the epistemological horizon and even the mindset of Chinese people. Also included are texts that address translation between Chinese and the languages of China's Central Asian neighbours, such as Manchu, which was to become of crucial importance in the Qing Dynasty.

    Comprising 28 passages, most of which are translated into English for the first time here, the anthology is the first major source book of its kind to appear in English. It features valuable primary material, and is essential reading for postgraduate students and researchers working in the areas of Translation, Translation Studies and Asian Studies.


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    Part One: From the Late Twelfth Century to the Early Ming


    Part Two: From Late Ming to Early Qing


    Part Three: The Qing Dynasty to Circa 1800


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    The late Martha P.Y. Cheung was Chair, Head of the Translation Programme and Director of the Centre for Translation at Hong Kong Baptist University. She was Editor-in-Chief (Chinese translation) of the Oxford Children's Encyclopedia (1998), and Editor-in-Chief (English translation) of An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica in Hong Kong (2004). She also co-edited and co-translated several anthologies, with Jane C.C. Lai and others.

    Robert Neather is Associate Professor, Head of the Translation Programme and Director of the Centre for Translation at Hong Kong Baptist University.

    "This second volume of the Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation (edited by Robert Neather) is another ground-breaking contribution to the field of translation studies. The volume is proof of the admirable scholarship of the late Martha Cheung who has provided us with such a wealth of wisdom and insights." Juliane House, University of Hamburg, Germany

    "This long-awaited sequel to Martha Cheung’s landmark 2006 volume serves as an invaluable sourcebook on materials, some of which were hitherto unavailable in English translation. Robert Neather must also be applauded for taking up the task of coordinating the work on the surviving manuscripts, thus enabling us to finally grasp the little understood "Chinese" perspective on translation right up to the dawn of the modern age." Leo CHAN Tak Hung, Lingnan University, Hong Kong