1st Edition

An Economic History of Europe

Edited By Antonio Di Vittorio Copyright 2007
    392 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    An Economic History of Europe provides students with a comprehensive introduction to European economic history from the fifteenth century to the present day. Individual chapters offer brief references to previous historical periods and events, with special attention given to core themes concerning economic development, and an analysis of their change through time and space.

    Core themes examined in each period include:

    • the increasing prominence of industry
    • international trade
    • demand and supply dynamics
    • agriculture.

    The unique structure of this text enables students not only to gain a firm grounding in the long-term evolution of the European economy, but also provides an historical overview of the economic development of individual countries. Individual contributors analyze the shift from the modern to the contemporary period and offer a broad explanation of the historical roots of the problems that face today's economic development.

    This key text is indispensable reading for students in economics, economic history, development economics and history.

    Introduction  Part One: The Economy in the Fifteenth Century - Preconditions for European Expansion Paola Massa  1. An Integrated Economic System: Europe in the Fifteenth Century  2. Supply and Demand of Goods. Agricultural and Manufactured Goods  3. Work Organization and Techniques  4. The Expansion of Geographical and Economic Dimensions  Part Two: European Expansion in the Sixteenth Century Giuseppe Bracco  1. Population  2. Agriculture  3. Anticipating the New Science  4. International Exchanges  5. Finance  6. Different Roles in Europe  Part Three: European Expansion in the Seventeenth Century Alberto Guenzi  I. General Trends  1. Demography: Crisis and Slow Recovery  2. Agriculture and Land Ownership  3. Cities, Manufactures, Commerce and Finance  II. New Powers - Mercantilism and the Formation of the Modern State  1. Holland  2. France  3. England.  An Overall View  Part Four: The European Economies in the Eighteenth Century John A. Davis  1. New Perspectives on Economic Modernization and Europe's Many Paths to the Twentieth Century  2. European Economic Development in the Eighteenth Century: The Central Themes  3. Agrarian Europe 1700-1800  4. The Enigma of the Eighteenth Century: The Demographic Revolution  5. The Growth of Trade  6. Industries and Manufactures  7. The Role of the State  8. The Napoleonic Era  Part Five: The Economic Development of Europe in the Nineteenth Century Giovanni Luigi Fontana  1. Growth and Transformation of the European Economy  2. Demographic Dynamics and Social Change. The Role of Agriculture  3. The Process of European Industrialization  4. The Revolution in Transport and Communications  5. International Exchanges and Monetary Systems  Part Six: The Twentieth Century, from Break with the Past to Prosperity Albert Carreras  The Starting Point.  1. Growth and Transformation of the Economy  2. The Great Stages  3. Economic and Social Policies.  Bibliography


    Antonio Di Vittorio is Professor of Economic History at the University of Bari in Italy and President of the Italian Association of Economics Historians.