1st Edition

An Ethic of Care Feminist and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited By Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Mary Jeanne Larrabee Copyright 1993

    Published in 1982, Carol Gilligan's In a Different Voice proposed a new model of moral reasoning based on care, arguing that it better described the moral life of women. An Ethic of Care is the first volume to bring together key contributions to the extensive debate engaging Gilligan's work. It provides the highlights of the often impassioned discussion of the ethic of care, drawing on the literature of the wide range of disciplines that have entered into the debate.

    Contributors: Annette Baier, Diana Baumrind, Lawrence A. Blum, Mary Brabeck, John Broughton, Owen Flanagan, Marilyn Friedman, Carol Gilligan, Catherine G. Greeno, Catherine Jackson, Linda K. Kerber, Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Zella Luria, Eleanor E. Maccoby, Linda Nicholson, Bill Puka, Carol B. Stack, Joan C. Tronto, Lawrence Walker, Gertrud Nunner-Winkler.

    1. Introduction: Gender and Moral Development Mary Jeanne Larrabee Part One Gilligan's `Different Voice': Probings 2. What Do Women Want in a Moral Theory? Annette Baier 3. Moral Judgement: Theory and Research on Differences between Males and Females Mary Brabeck 4. Gilligan Kohlberg: Implication for Moral Theory Lawrence A. Blum 5. Justice, Care, and Gender: The Kohlberg-Gilligan Debate Revisted Owen Flanagan and Katherine Jackson Part Two Expanding the Question 6. Women, Morality and History Linda Nicholson 7. Some Cautionary Words for Historians Linda K. Kerber 8. The Culture of Gender: Women and Men of Colour Carole B. Stack 9. Women's Rationality and Men's Virtues John Broughton Part Three Checking the Data 10. Two Moralities? Gertude Nunner-Winkler 11. Sex Differences in the Development of Moral Reasoning Lawrence Walker 12. Sex Differences in Moral Reasoning Diana Baumrind 13. How Different is the `Different Voice'? Catherine G. Greeno and Eleanor E. Maccoby 14. A Methodological Critique Zella Luria Part Four Feminist Ethics and the Future of Care 15. Reply (to Critics) Carole Gilligan 16. The Liberation of Caring Bill Puka 17. Beyond Gender Difference to a Theory of Care Joan C. Tronto 18. Beyond Caring: The Demoralization of Gender Marilyn Friedman References Index


    Mary Jeanne Larrabee is Associate Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University.