1st Edition

An Exploration of the Health Benefits of Factors That Help Us to Thrive A Special Issue of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Edited By Gail Ironson, Lynda H. Powell Copyright 2005
    78 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 2005. This special issue of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Volume 12, number 2, is a collection of essays around the topic of positive psychology in Behavioral Medicine. Including topics of the psychobiology of emotion, health benefits that help us thrive, integrative therapy for depression and slower disease progression in HIV.

    Volume 12, Number 2, 2005
    Contents: M.A. Chesney, L.A. Darbes, K. Hoerster, J.M. Taylor, D.B. Chambers, Positive Emotions: Exploring the Other Hemisphere in Behavioral Medicine. K. Uvnäs-Moberg, I. Arn, D. Magnusson, The Psychobiology of Emotion: The Role of the Oxytocinergic System. S.G. Post, Altrusim, Happiness, and Health: It's Good to Be Good. Á. Skrabski, M. Kopp, S. Rózsa, J. Réthelyi, R.H. Rahe, Life Meaning: An Important Correlate of Health in the Hungarian Population. G. Ironson, E. Balbin, R. Stuetzle, M.A. Fletcher, C. O'Cleirigh, J-P. Laurenceau, N. Schneidermann, G. Solomon, Dispositional Optimism and the Mechanism by Which It Predicts Slower Disease Progression in HIV: Proactive Behavior, Avoidant Coping, and Depression. P. Lindfors, O. Lundberg, U. Lundberg, Sense of Coherence and Biomarkers of Health in 43-Year-Old Women. N.A. Pachana, J.H. Ford, B. Andrew, A.J. Dobson, Relations Between Companion Animals and Self-Reported Health in Older Women: Cause, Effect, or Artefact? A.M. Hayes, C.G. Beevers, G.C. Feldman, J-P. Laurenceau, C. Perlman, Avoidance and Processing as Predictors of Symptom Change and Positive Growth in an Integrative Therapy for Depression.


    Gail Ironson, Lynda H. Powell