1st Edition

An HR Guide to Workplace Fraud and Criminal Behaviour Recognition, Prevention and Management

    It is reliably estimated that over 70 per cent of all job applications contain misleading information. If that was the limit of deception at work faced by HR and line managers, then maybe things wouldn't be too bad. But deception isn't limited simply to the area of recruitment; there's also absenteeism, minor theft, misuse of information, not to mention the tissue of half-truths and falsehoods thrown up by an employee seeking to camouflage theft, responsibility for a fatal accident or a multi-million pound fraud. An HR Guide to Workplace Fraud and Criminal Behaviour is full of advice, best practice and case studies of deception from around the world. In fact, everything you need to: ¢ protect your workplace and the employees within it from incompetent or dangerous co-workers, theft, violence and criminality in all its forms; ¢ ensure your company's continued reputation and compliance with employment, criminal and other legislation; ¢ safeguard your shareholders or other stakeholders from the consequences of fraud, litigation or other loss. HR managers have an important part to play both in ensuring the ethical development of any organization and in protecting that organization from dishonest employees. This book offers a definitive guide to meeting these responsibilities head on.

    Contents: Foreword by Spot the Dog; Prologue. Part 1 The Problem of Deception: Introduction; Taxonomy; The human mind; Signs of deception. Part 2 Countermeasures: Your personal manifesto; Planning tough interviews; Conducting tough interviews; Forms. Part 3 Solutions to HR Problems: HR procedures; Other applications. Part 4 In Court: Giving evidence. Appendix 1: Suspects checklist; Appendix 2 Evaluation matrix; Index.


    Michael Comer's consultancy, Cobasco, specializes in the prevention of all aspects of corporate fraud. He is also author of Corporate Fraud and Investigating Corporate Fraud, both published by Gower. Michael is a past President of the European Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a visiting Professor at Cranfield Institute of Technology and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester. Timothy Stephens is a director of Cobasco Group Ltd., in charge of research and intelligence. He played an important part in the launch and subsequent success of Maxima Group Plc. Tim was responsible for the production of the Inside Fraud Bulletin to which he contributed a number of groundbreaking articles, including reviews of the Partners Against Crime initiative, Data Protection Legislation and the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act.

    'It contains a plethora of advice and case studies which highlight the fact that not everyone tells the absolute truth all the time. ...It would be impossible not to learn something of value from each of the sections. Personnel Today. ’This book is well worth the time it takes to read its 500 pages.’ C&M Publications, Fraudwatch Online 'It provides a useful guide for the busy manager to combat workplace fraud and deception. Covering such diverse areas as the functioning of the human brain to the handling of CV's, forms and the like (70% of CVs are deceptive by the way).' Accounting Web, April 2005