1st Edition

An International Perspective An International Perspective

By Vicente Navarro, Daniel Berman Copyright 1983
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

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    While the health effects of many aspects of life, from diet to marital status, have been extensively explored, little study has been made of the health effects of work. Covering such topics as on-the-job dangers, the role of unions in worker protection, and occupational health in both developed and developing countries, this collection of articles conclusively demonstrates the negative impact that neglect of citizens' working lives has on pubic health. With more Americans dying each year from job-related causes than were killed in a decade of combat in Vietnam, "Health and Work Under Capitalism" is a long-overdue and unusually significant book.


    PART 1: Ideology in Occupational Medicine
     Work, Ideology and Science: The Case of Medicine Vicente Navarro Black Lung: The Social Production of Disease Barbara Ellen Smith

    The Health Effects of Low-Dose Radiation on Atomic Workers: A Case Study of Employer-Directed Research Theodor D. Sterling

    PART 2: The Nature of Work and Health
    Work and General Psychological and Physical Well-Being David Coburn Job Alienation and Well-Being David Coburn

    The Use and Health Consequences of Shift Work Dean Baker

    Impending Proliferation of Asbestos Barry I. Castleman and ManuelJ. Vera Vera

    PART 3: Occupational Health in Developed Capitalist Countries
    The State of Industrial Ill-Health in the United Kingdom R. CharlesClutterbuck Workers' Participation and Control in Italy: The Case of Occupational Medicine
     Giorgio Assennato and Vicente Navarro

    Why Work Kills: A Brief History of Occupational Safety and Health in the United States Daniel M. Berman

    Work, Disease, and Occupational Medicine in the Federal Republic of Germany Hans-Ulrich Deppe

    PART 4: Occupational Health in Underdeveloped Capitalist Countries
    Work and Health in Mexico Asa Cristina Laurell Mortality and Working Conditions in Agriculture in Underdeveloped Countries Asa Cristina Laurell

    A Historical and Socioeconomic Analysis of Occupational Safety and Health in India J. V. Vilanilam

    The Export of Hazardous Factories to Developing Nations Barry I.Castleman

    Contributors to the Volume