1st Edition

An Introduction To Human-Computer Interaction

By Paul Booth, Booth. Copyright 1989
    268 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This text provides a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the burgeoning discipline of Human-Computer Interaction for students, academics, and those from industry who wish to know more about the subject. Assuming very little knowledge,the book provides an overview of the diverse research areas that are only gradually building into a coherent and well -structured field. It aims to explain the underlying causes of the cognitive, social and organizational problems typically encountered when computer systems are introduced. It is clear and concise, whilst avoiding the oversimplification of important issues and ideas.

    Preface 1 Introducing Human-Computer Interaction 2 Interactional Devices and Technologies 3 Human-Computer Dialogue 4 Cognitive Models in Human-Computer Interaction 5 Usability in Human-Computer Interaction 6 The Design and Development Process 7 The Organizational Impact of Computer Systems 8 The Future of Human-Computer Interaction


    Paul Booth Department of Computing, Manchester Polytechnic, U.K.

    `This book is the best introduction to the science of human-computer interaction that I have seen. Booth provides a very effective overview of the extant research in HCI, as well as commentary on the roles of various perspectives and scientific disciplines...This is an academic text, in the best sense of the word. Each chapter is easily readable in one sitting, yet each has a selective annotated bibliography to lead on to primary research sources...' - Tom Carey, SIGCHI Bulletin

    `It will fit into any introductory course in HCI...Paul has done a superb job' - Professor Neils Bjorn-Andersen, (Copenhagen School of Economics and Business Administration).

    `...readers may find Booth's book to be of somewhat greater interest than many of the more trivial, and apparently fairly hastily written texts that are presently on the market or are likely to surface in the near future... The scope of the book's coverage is impressive, yet no real sacrifice is made in terms of the inclusion of detailed discussion of more difficult topics... The book is exceedingly well organized... I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to any undergraduate taking a course in Human-Computer Interaction.' - Simon Davis (International Journal of Man-Machine Studies)

    `Paul Booth and his collaborators have produced a useful overview of the current state of understanding of questions of design in human-computer interaction... The strength of the book is that it outlines many of the key questions which will affect the relationship between a system and its users... this book will be a very useful resource for the system designer who wishes to avoid making a misery of the lives of the people who use his products.' - Bernard Sufrin (Times Higher Education Supplement)