1st Edition

An Introduction To The Theory Of Superfluidity

By Isaac M. Khalatnikov Copyright 2000
    222 Pages
    by CRC Press

    224 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book covers main properties of the excitation spectrum in superfluid 4He and the thermodynamics determined by the spectrum. It deals with hydrodynamics and describes that quantitative results should be insignificantly modified with processes of phonon decay taken into account.

    Special Preface -- Editor’s Foreword -- Vita -- Preface -- Translator’s Preface -- Elementary Excitations -- The Energy Spectrum of a Quantum Liquid and Superfluidity 1 , 2 , 3 -- The Thermodynamic Functions of Helium II -- The Quantization of the Motion of the Liquid -- The Relation Between the Excitation Spectrum and the Structure Factor of Liquid Helium II -- The Energy Spectrum of a Weakly Nonideal Bose gas -- On the form of the Elementary Excitation Spectrum in the Vicinity of Singular Points 9 -- Interactions Between Elementary Excitations 10 , 11 -- Hydrodynamics -- The Hydrodynamics of Superfluids 12 -- The Dissipative Terms in the Hydrodynamic Equations 13 -- The Propagation of Sound in a Superfluid -- The Excitation of Sound Waves in a Superfluid 14 , 15 -- The Absorption of Sound 16 -- Discontinuities in a Superfluid 17 -- Fourth Sound 18 -- Capillary Waves -- The Hydrodynamics of a Rotating Superfluid 19 -- Superfluid Hydrodynamics Near the λ-Point 22 -- Kinetic Phenomena -- The Kinetic Equation for Elementary Excitations 13 -- Thermal Conductivity -- The First Viscosity -- The Coefficients of Second Viscosity of Helium II -- Sound In Helium II Near Zero Temperature -- Heat Exchange Between a Solid and Helium II -- Impurities in Helium II -- Solutions of Impurities in Helium II -- The Diffusion Coefficient and Thermal Conductivity in Weak Solutions of HE3 in Helium II31 -- Reprints -- The Theory of Superfluidity of Helium II -- Letters to the Editor on the Theory of Superfluidity of Helium II