1st Edition

An Introduction to Experimental Nuclear Reactions

By Chinmay Basu Copyright 2022
    148 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    An Introduction to Experimental Nuclear Reactions is a book with a concise and simple approach to the subject of experimental nuclear physics. The subject being very technical, it is dealt with in a lucid way so that the reader can grasp the concept and later gain hands-on experience while doing fieldwork. In this book, theoretical, experimental and instrumentation aspects are covered with an emphasis on accelerator-based techniques, which form the basis for the subject of experimental nuclear physics.

    Other books on similar topics either concentrate on the physics aspects or are more focussed on the instrumentation and radiation detection techniques while accelerator-related concepts are less explained. One of the main standalone features of the book is its to-the-point approach so that the beginner is not lost in the never-ending details. This book discusses the following aspects:

    • Basic introduction to nuclear reactions
    • Two- and three-body kinematics
    • Accelerator-based experimental techniques
    • Basic aspects of the accelerator and accessories
    • Vacuum physics
    • Radiation detector physics and its associated electronics
    • Theoretical modelling and errors

    This book is mainly intended for students who aspire to pursue a career in experimental nuclear physics research or work in a nuclear accelerator laboratory.

    Chinmay Basu, PhD, is a researcher in the field of experimental nuclear physics, and his present interests are in the field of low-energy nuclear astrophysics. He is a professor and head of an accelerator facility at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India.

    List of Figures. Preface. About the Author. Chapter 1 Basic Concepts. Chapter 2 Cross-Section. Chapter 3 Kinematics. Chapter 4 Types of Nuclear Reactions. Chapter 5 Nuclear Reaction Experiments. Chapter 6 Accelerators for Nuclear Reactions. Chapter 7 Vacuum Techniques. Chapter 8 Radiation Detectors. Chapter 9 Electronics and Data Acquisition System. Chapter 10 Introduction to the Concept of Errors. Chapter 11 Theoretical Models. INDEX.


    Chinmay Basu born in the year 1967 in Kolkata is presently a Professor in the Nuclear Physics Division at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. He did his Masters in Physics from the University of Calcutta with a specialization in Nuclear Physics and PhD in Physics from the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics on Non-equilibrium nuclear reactions. After his PhD, he continued as a research associate in the same institute and later joined as a faculty member in 2002. His interests in research are Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Astrophysics and development of nuclear gas detectors. He has about 40 publications in reputed international Journals and have delivered lectures at various institutes in India and abroad. He is also a guest teacher in the University of Calcutta and also regularly teaches in the Post MSc course at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. The author’s present interests are in the field of Nuclear Astrophysics and its study through experiments with very low energy high current ion beams.