An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps  book cover
8th Edition

An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps

ISBN 9781032320182
Published March 16, 2022 by Routledge
184 Pages

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Book Description

An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps is a concise and accessible textbook providing simple structural terminology and map problems which introduce geological structures. It is a perfect introduction to mapping for students of geology, engineering geology and civil engineering.

Each topic is explained and illustrated by figures, and exercises follow on successive maps. If students are unable to complete an exercise, they can read on to obtain more specific instructions on how theory may be used to solve the problem. An appendix at the end of the book provides the solutions.

This new, eighth edition contains simplified introductory matter to make the subject as easy to grasp as possible. Colour photographs illustrating geological structures bring the subject to life and a new map from the British Geological Survey illustrates a real area. There is more on outcrop patterns, which will help students to think in 3D, and on structures and the relationship of topography to geological structure. Cliff sections have been added to reinforce the concept of apparent dip. The section on planetary geology has been more closely tied to igneous geology to aid understanding of the connection between the two. Finally, a new map on economic geology has been added for the benefit of engineering students.

A geological glossary helps students to understand and memorise key terms and a new, colourful, text design enlivens the appearance of this popular book.

Table of Contents

List of Plates
Preface to the current edition
Preface to previous editions
Key to maps
Chapter 1 Strata - the ground rules
Chapter 2 Horizontal strata
      Horizontal and vertical strata in the landscape
      Geological maps
Chapter 3 Dipping strata
      Structure contours (strike lines)
      Construction of structure contours
      True and apparent dip
      Calculation of the thickness of a bed
      Width of outcrop
      Inliers and outliers
      Exercises using geological survey maps
Chapter 4 Three-point problems
      Construction of structure contours
      Depth in boreholes
      Insertion of outcrops
Chapter 5 Unconformities
      Sub-unconformity outcrops
      Exercises using geological maps
Chapter 6 Folding
      Anticlines and synclines
      Asymmetrical folds
      Way-up criteria
      Similar and concentric folding
      Two possible directions of strike
      Exercise on published geological survey map
Chapter 7 Map solution without structure contours 1
Chapter 8 Faults
      Normal and reversed faults
      The effects of faulting on outcrops
      Classification of faults
      Calculation of the throw of a fault
      Faults and economic calculations
      Wrench or tear faults
      Pre- and post-unconformity faulting
      Structural inliers and outliers
      Posthumous faulting
      Exercises on published geological survey maps
Chapter 9 Map solution without structure contours 2
Chapter 10 More folds and faulted folds
      Plunging folds
      Calculation of the amount of plunge
      The effects of faulting on fold structures
      Displacement of folds by strike-slip (wrench) faults
      Calculation of strike-slip displacement
      Faults parallel to the limbs of a fold
      Sub-surface structures
      Posthumous folding
      Polyphase folding
      Bed isopachytes
      Exercises on geological survey maps
Chapter 11 Igneous and impact features
      Pyroclastic rocks
      Concordant intrusions
      Disordant intrusions
      Impact features
      Exercise on geological survey map
      Impact features
Chapter 12 Economic problems
Chapter 13 Complex structures
      Thrust faults
      Axial plane cleavage
      Description of a geological map
      The geological history of Map 45
      Exercise on geological survey map

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Dr George M. Bennison, Chartered Geologist, formerly Senior Lecturer in Geology, University of Birmingham, UK
Dr Paul A. Olver, Chartered Geologist, formerly Lifelong Learning Development Officer, Herefordshire Council, UK
Dr Keith A. Moseley, Head of Physics and Geology, Monmouth School, UK


An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps 'has been a friend to me as an undergraduate and also during the 32 years I have been teaching geology to Civil Engineering undergraduates. I have seen how it has changed over the years. None of these revisions have been as significant and as exciting as those in this 8th edition. The new chapter on strata is an excellent addition as is the new enhanced chapter on igneous and impact features. The most striking feature however, is the inclusion of colour photographs of geological features and structures. These really bring the book alive. The new map problems and exercises are excellent. It is great to see a colour extract of a published BGS map being included. I recommend this book to both students and teachers'.

Dr. Marcus C. Matthews, Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, UK

'An Introduction to Geological Structure and Maps has been a prescribed textbook in our department for more than two decades and many a student has started their geological career as an undergraduate student working through "Bennison maps". The new eighth edition proves to be a major improvement on previous editions, with the addition of a more theoretical background on certain geological structures and concepts, backed up by some excellent diagrams and photo illustrations.... The section on igneous and impact features has been expanded quite a lot, [and] I find the additional pictures and background information very helpful. Chapter 12 on economic problems will be very helpful, too....This textbook will be a very valuable resource and teaching tool to undergraduate students and will remain a compulsory prescribed textbook in our department for many years to come'.

Gideon Brunsdon, Geology Lecturer, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps is a testament to its ability to remain relevant to students.... concise and accessible....I welcome this "old friend" in its revitalized form'. 


' book that... will give you a thorough understanding of geological maps and enable you to "read" a geology map and visualise the subsurface structure for yourself.'

Open University Geological Studies Journal 32:1-2