1st Edition

An Introduction to Mathematics for Engineers Mechanics

By Stephen Lee Copyright 2008
    512 Pages
    by CRC Press

    512 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This new introductory mechanics textbook is written for engineering students within further and higher education who are looking to bridge the gap between A-Level and university or college. It introduces key concepts in a clear and straightforward manner, with reference to real-world applications and thoroughly explains each line of mathematical development. Together with instructive diagrams, case studies and many questions to work through, this text will ensure a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of mechanics. An enclosed CD-ROM also contains 'Personal Tutor' electronic step-by-step worked examples, with voice-over commentary, which take the student through sample problems and solutions.

    This book is suitable for students of:
    mechanical engineering
    civil engineering
    aeronautical engineering
    automotive engineering
    general engineering and all other related engineering disciplines where applied mathematics is essential.

    Motion along a straight line Newtona ‘s laws of motion Vectors Projectiles Equilibrium of a particle Friction Moments of forces Centre of mass Energy, work and power Impulse and momentum Frameworks Circular motion Elasticity Simple harmonic motion Damped and forced oscillations Dimensional analysis Use of vectors Variable forces Variable mass Dynamics of rigid bodies rotating around a fixed axis Stability and small oscillations


    In 2006 Dr Stephen Lee completed a PhD thesis concerning the repercussions in Higher Education of the changes in the teaching and learning of mechanics in schools, and as such is an expert in the knowledge, skills and needs of undergraduate engineering students.