1st Edition

An Introduction to the Sociology of Law

    The exiled Russian sociologist and legal scholar Nicholas S. Timasheff's place in the forefront of the sociology of law was established with the publication, in 1939, of An Introduction to the Sociology of Law. His magnum opus articulates a systematic legal sociology. The book's title is misleading, giving the false impression that the volume is merely a textbook intended for classroom use. It is much more than this. An Introduction to the Sociology of Law is a sophisticated treatise that explains, precisely and methodically, the law as a social force. It makes two fundamental points: law can, indeed must, be studied by sociology, and law is a combination of socio-ethical and imperative coordination of human behavior.

    I: Sociology and Law; I: The Sociological Place of Law; II: The Place of the Sociology of Law in Science; III: The Historical Development of the Sociology of Law; II: Ethics; IV: The Ethical Group-Conviction; V: Socio-Ethical Equilibrium; VI: Changes in Ethics; VII: Differentiation of Ethics; III: Power; VIII: Power Equilibrium; IX: Differentiation and Integration of Power; X: Changes in Power; IV: Law; XI: Legal Equilibrium; XII: Changes in Law; XIII: Differentiation and Integration of Law; XIV: The Integration of Law in Culture; XV: Legal Disequilibrium and Legal Disintegration; XVI: The Vindication of Law


    Nicholas Sergeyevitch Timasheff