2nd Edition

An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions

By Scott Harris Copyright 2024
    140 Pages
    by Routledge

    140 Pages
    by Routledge

    Unique in its approach, An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions treats neophytes as its primary audience, giving students a brief, but thorough, introduction to the sociology of emotions. Including research examples, exercises, and lists of further reading, this text explains as clearly as possible some of the most interesting theoretical concepts that animate sociological research on emotions. In this new edition, the author updates the volume with recent research on emotion management, emotional labor, and emotions in social media.

    Note for Instructors


    1. Thinking Sociologically about Emotions

    2. Emotion Norms

    3. Emotion Management

    4. Exchanging Emotions

    5. Emotional Labor

    6. Identifying Emotions

    7. Why Study the Sociology of Emotions?




    Scott R. Harris, PhD, is a professor of Sociology at Saint Louis University. He is the author of How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences (2nd Ed.) and, with Kathy Charmaz and Leslie Irvine, The Social Self and Everyday Life: Understanding the World through Symbolic Interactionism. He also coedited (with Joel Best) Making Sense of Social Problems and co-authored (with Kerry Ferris) Stargazing: Celebrity, Fame, and Social Interaction. He is past editor-in-chief of the journals Symbolic Interaction and Sociology Compass.

    “Finally! A textbook on the sociology of emotions conceptualized and written exclusively for an undergraduate audience. Scott Harris has filled an enormous gap with this accessible overview of the most interesting concepts, provocative findings, and latest research in the study of emotions. Replete with timely examples and infused with humor, students who accept Harris’ invitation will be richly rewarded for doing so!”

    John R. Mitrano, Sociology, Central Connecticut State University

    “With its clear writing and relevant everyday examples, An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions is a highly accessible way for students to engage the core concepts from Hochschild’s and others’ work. This concise textbook provides a sociology-of-emotions lens through which students can view the self, interaction, and society in a new light.”

    Jennifer Lois, Sociology, Western Washington University

    “Scott Harris has identified a problem facing anyone attempting to teach—or learn about—the sociology of emotions: the lack of material aimed at beginners. An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions solves that problem. Instructors and students alike will appreciate its clear presentation of concepts and theories, its accessible language, and its use of examples from recent research in the field.”

    Leslie Irvine, Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder

    “Scott Harris gives a grand tour through the sociology of emotions, expertly engaging readers with fascinating topics, insightful theory, and pivotal foundations for understanding social interactions. With its welcoming and practical prose, An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions will serve as a valuable resource for faculty and students.”

    Nancy Berns, Sociology, Drake University, and author of Closure: The Rush to End Grief and What It Costs Us

    “Although positioned as reading for beginners, An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions surpasses a regular textbook in intention, scope, depth, and professional enthusiasm. The second edition promises to be even more interesting, as it reflects new research on social media and provides refinements to the concepts of emotional norms and emotion management strategies.”

    Olga A. Simonova, Sociology, HSE University, translator of An Invitation to the Sociology of Emotions into Russian

    “This is a fantastic text. Scott Harris does a fabulous job of summarizing current research and theory in the sociology of emotions. This is a must-read for anyone looking to learn about the field.”

    Shane Sharp, Associate Professor in Sociology at Northern Illinois University 

    “Harris’s book encourages readers to whet their appetites in the subdiscipline of emotions and offers instructors a compact yet significant text for their curricula. The text’s point of origin is Hochschild's seminal work, The Managed Heart, and Harris leads readers on a brief journey through the field it inspired. In his second edition, Harris has added dozens of recent works discussing social media and the sociology of emotions. Students of emotions and those simply curious about sociology would benefit from his book.”

    Jessica S. Pearce, Assistant Professor, Sociology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette