1st Edition

An Outline of Piaget's Developmental Psychology

By R.M. Beard Copyright 2006

    First published in 2006. This is a book for students and teachers who wish to know more about Piaget's work but who find it too difficult, or time-consuming, to read much in the original. Its purpose is two-fold: both to make some of his ideas and observations available fairly quickly to the reader, and to introduce most of his special vocabulary, so facilitating reading in the original.

    Chapter 1 The development of intelligence; Chapter 2 The sensori-motor period; Chapter 3 The pre-conceptual sub-stage; Chapter 4 The intuitive sub-stage; Chapter 5 The sub-period of concrete operations; Chapter 6 The period of formal operations;


    Ruth M. Beard Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, University of London Institute of Education.