1st Edition

Analog Function Circuits Fundamentals, Principles, Design and Applications

By K. C. Selvam Copyright 2022
    502 Pages 524 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This textbook comprehensively presents different types of analog function circuits and outlines the function circuit types implemented with lowpass filters, peak detectors, and sample and hold circuits. The text analyzes the complete architecture of a function circuit, identifies the applications of op-amps for performing a function circuit, and explores new ways of deriving function circuits using a sawtooth wave generator and a triangular wave generator. It covers important topics including waveform generators, analog dividers, time division multipliers-cum-dividers (MCDs), peak responding MCDs, vector magnitude circuits, multifunction converters, and phase sensitive detector circuits. The textbook will serve as an ideal study material for senior undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of electrical, electronics, and communications engineering. The textbook is accompanied by teaching resources, including a solutions manual for instructors.

    PART A: Fundamentals of Function Circuits  1. Components  2. Linear Circuits  3. Non-Linear Circuits  4. Waveform Generators  5. Active Filters  6. Digital to Analog Converters (DACs)  7. Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)  Part B: Principles of Function Circuits  8. Analog Multipliers - Multiplexing  9. Analog Multipliers - Switching  10. Analog Dividers  11. Time Division MCD  12. Peak Responding MCD  13. Square Rooters  Part C: Design of Function Circuits  14. Analog Multipliers - Multiplexing  15. Analog Multipliers - Switching  16. Analog Dividers  17. Time Division MCD - Multiplexing  18. Time Division MCD - Switching  19. Peak Responding MCD  20. Analog Square Rooters  21. Function Circuits with A/D converter and D/A converters  Part D: General on Function Circuits  22. Conventional Function Circuits  23. Conversion of Function Circuits  Part E: Miscellaneous Function Circuits  24. Vector Magniture Circuits  25. Multi Function Converters (MFCs)  26. Phase Sensitive Detectors (PSDs)  Part F: Applications of Function Circuits  27. Applications of Multipliers  28. Impedance Measurement  29. Power and Power Factor Measurements  30. Miscellaneous Applications of Function Circuits


    K.C. Selvam is currently working as a technical officer in, department of electrical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. He is doing research and development work for the last 30 years and has published more than 34 research papers in various national and international journals. He published a book entitled “Design of Analogue Multipliers with Operational Amplifiers” in CRC Press, Taylor, and Francis. He got the best paper award by IETE in the year 1996. He got the student journal award of IETE in the year 2017. He developed an interest in the design and development of function circuits to find their applications in modern measurements and instrumentation systems. He also published another book entitled Multiplier Cum Divider Circuits: Principles, Design and Applications by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis.