1st Edition

Analogies for the 21st Century Grades 4-6

By Bonnie L. Risby Copyright 2008
    36 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    This is it! Here's the perfect venue for intermediate teachers to combine thinking skills and vocabulary development. Step into the 21st century with lessons that not only present students with analogies, but also provide them with instructions on how to best solve these verbal puzzles.

    An analogy is a comparison between two things. It points out the similarities or likenesses between things that might be different in all other respects. These exercises not only build thinking skills and make students more flexible and analytical; they also enhance vocabulary and writing skills.

    Intermediate students will get a jump on thinking skills and test taking strategies with these sure-to-please exercises. Whether this book is their first encounter with analogies or whether they are veterans with a great deal of experience, Analogies for the 21st Century gives them the tools they need in a fun-to-use format. It provides thinking strategies to help recognize the unique relationships between paired items and how these relationships can be replicated. Each lesson introduces new types of analogies, gives examples, and offers hints on solving the analogies. Vocabulary reflects today's culture, and helpful hints help students to build skills that will allow them to perform better on tests.

    This is one of a series of analogy books. For younger students, use First Time Analogies or Analogies for Beginners. For older students, use Thinking Through Analogies or Advancing Though Analogies.

    Grades 4-6

    Information for the Instructor Pre-Lesson Lesson 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Lesson 2 Whole : Part General : Specific Lesson 3: Thing: Characteristic Group : Member Lesson 5: Thing : Contents Singular : Plural Lesson 5: Review Lesson Lesson 6: Identifying Analogies Lesson 7: Worker : tool Two Members of the Same Class Lesson 8: Thing : Action Thing : Product Lesson 9 Parts of a Hierarchy Instrument : Function Lesson 10 Review Lesson Les Lesson son 11 Review Lesson Lesson 12 Identifying Analogies Lesson 13 Things That Go Together Foundations : Things Lesson 14: More Thing : Function Male: Female Lesson 15: Object: Covering Thing : Top Lesson 16 Worker : Product Symbol : Thing Represented Worker : Job Location Lesson 17 Person : Area of Interest Thing : What It Might Become LEsson 18 Review Lesson Lesson 19 Review Lesson Lesson 20 Review Lesson Lesson 21 Review Lesson Lesson 22 Review Lesson Lesson 23 Review Lesson Lesson 24 Review Lesson Do-It-Yourself Terms Answers


    Bonnie Lou Risby grew up in the Illinois woodlands atop the limestone bluffs across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. These woods were her playground where she and her siblings camped out, played detective, scout, hunter, etc. and enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors in every season.