Analysis and Design of Marine Structures : including CD-ROM book cover
1st Edition

Analysis and Design of Marine Structures
including CD-ROM

ISBN 9781138116474
Published June 21, 2017 by CRC Press
520 Pages

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Book Description

'Analysis and Design of Marine Structures' explores recent developments in methods and modelling procedures for structural assessment of marine structures:

- Methods and tools for establishing loads and load effects;

- Methods and tools for strength assessment;

- Materials and fabrication of structures;

- Methods and tools for structural design and optimisation;

- Structural reliability, safety and environment protection.

The book is a valuable reference source for academics, engineers and professionals involved in marine structures and design of ship and offshore structures.

Table of Contents

Methods and tools for loads and load effects

A study on the effect of heavy weather avoidance on the wave pressure distribution along the midship transverse section of a VLCC and a bulk carrier
Zhi Shu & Torgeir Moan

Comparison of experimental and numerical sloshing loads in partially filled tanks
S. Brizzolara, L. Savio, M. Viviani, Y. Chen, P. Temarel, N. Couty, S. Hoflack, L. Diebold, N. Moirod & A. Souto Iglesias

Experiments on a damaged ship section
T.W.P. Smith, K.R. Drake & P. Wrobel

Estimation of parametric rolling of ships—comparison of different probabilistic methods
Jelena Vidic-Perunovic & Jørgen Juncher Jensen

Local hydro-structure interactions due to slamming
Š. Malenica, F.X. Sireta, S. Tomaševi´c, J.T. Tuitman & I. Schipperen

Methods and tools for strength assessment

Finite element analysis

Methods for hull structure strength analysis and ships service life evaluation, for a large LNG carrier
Leonard Domnisoru, Ionel Chirica & Alexandru Ioan

Parametric investigation on stress concentrations of bulk carrier hatch corners
Dario Boote & Francesco Cecchini

A study on structural characteristics of the ring-stiffened circular toroidal shells
Qing-Hai Du, Zheng-Quan Wan & Wei-Cheng Cui

Application developments of mixed finite element method for fluid-structure interaction analysis in maritime engineering
Jing Tang Xing, Ye Ping Xiong & Mingyi Tan

Efficient calculation of the effect of water on ship vibration
Marc Wilken, G. Of, C. Cabos & O. Steinback

Finite element simulations of ship collisions: A coupled approach to external dynamics and inner mechanics
Ingmar Pill & Kristjan Tabri

Ultimate strength

Discussion of plastic capacity of plating subject to patch loads
Claude Daley & Apurv Bansal

Ultimate strength characteristics of aluminium plates for high speed vessels
S. Benson, J. Downes & R.S. Dow

Improving the shear properties of web-core sandwich structures using filling material
Jani Romanoff, Aleksi Laakso & Petri Varsta

Stability of flat bar stiffeners under lateral patch loads
Jacob Abraham & Claude Daley

Ultimate strength of stiffened plates with local damage on the stiffener
M. Witkowska & C. Guedes Soares

Approximate method for evaluation of stress-strain relationship for stiffened panel subject to tension, compression and shear employing the finite element approach
Maciej Taczala

Residual strength of damaged stiffened panel on double bottom ship
Zhenhui Liu & Jørgen Amdahl

Assessment of the hull girder ultimate strength of a bulk carrier using nonlinear finite element analysis
Zhi Shu & Torgeir Moan

Ultimate strength performance of Suezmax tanker structures: Pre-CSR versus CSR designs
J.K. Paik, D.K. Kim & M.S. Kim

Coatings and corrosion

Large scale corrosion tests
Pawel Domzalicki, Igor Skalski, C. Guedes Soares & Yordan Garbatov

Anticorrosion protection systems—improvements and continued problems
Anders Ulfvarson & Klas Vikgren

Prospects of application of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings for shipbuilding
Alexander N. Minaev, Natalie A. Gladkova, Sergey V. Gnedenkov & Vladimir V. Goriaynov

Corrosion wastage statistics and maintenance planning of corroded hull structures of bulk carriers
Yordan Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

Numerical simulation of strength and deformability of steel plates with surface pits and replicated corrosion-surface
Md. Mobesher Ahmmad & Yoichi Sumi

Effect of pitting corrosion on the collapse strength of rectangular plates under axial compression
S. Saad-Eldeen & C. Guedes Soares

Fatigue and fracture

Fracture mechanics procedures for assessing fatigue life of window and door corners in ship structures
Mika Bäckström & Seppo Kivimaa

Experimental and numerical fatigue analysis of partial-load and full-load carrying fillet welds at doubler plates and lap joints
O. Feltz & W. Fricke

Global strength analysis of ships with special focus on fatigue of hatch corners
Hubertus von Selle, Olaf Doerk & Manfred Scharrer

Structural integrity monitoring index for ship and offshore structures
Bart de Leeuw & Feargal P. Brennan

Effect of uncertain weld shape on the structural hot-spot stress distribution
B. Gaspar, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

A study on a method for maintenance of ship structures considering remaining life benefit
Yasumi Kawamura, Yoichi Sumi & Masanobu Nishimoto

Impact strength

Impact behaviour of GRP, aluminium and steel plates
L.S. Sutherland & C. Guedes Soares

Impact damage of MARK III type LNG carrier cargo containment system due to dropped objects: An experimental study
J.K. Paik, B.J. Kim, T.H. Kim, M.K. Ha, Y.S. Suh & S.E. Chun

Simulation of the response of double bottoms under grounding actions using finite elements
I. Zilakos, M. Toulios, M. Samuelides, T.-H. Nguyen & J. Amdahl

Fire and explosion

CFD simulations on gas explosion and fire actions
J.K. Paik, B.J. Kim, J.S. Jeong, S.H. Kim, Y.S. Jang, G.S. Kim, J.H. Woo, Y.S. Kim, M.J. Chun, Y.S. Shin & J. Czujko

The effects of reliability-based vulnerability requirements on blast-loaded ship panels
S.J. Pahos & P.K. Das

Structural monitoring

Structural monitoring of mast and rigging of sail ships
Giovanni Carrera, Cesare Mario Rizzo & Matteo Paci

Assessment of ice-induced loads on ship hulls based on continuous response monitoring
B.J. Leira, Lars Børsheim, Øivind Espeland & J. Amdahl

Materials and fabrication of structures

Welded structures

The importance of welding quality in ship construction
Philippa L. Moore

A data mining analysis to evaluate the additional workloads caused by welding distortions
Nicolas Losseau, Jean David Caprace, Philippe Rigo & Fernandez Francisco Aracil

3D numerical model of austenitic stainless steel 316L multipass butt welding and comparison with experimental results
A.P. Kyriakongonas & V.J. Papazoglou

Adhesive joints

Fabrication, testing and analysis of steel/composite DLS adhesive joints
S. Hashim, J. Nisar, N. Tsouvalis, K. Anyfantis, P. Moore, Ionel Chirica, C. Berggreen, A. Orsolini, A. Quispitupa, D. McGeorge, B. Hayman, S. Boyd, K. Misirlis, J. Downes, R. Dow & E. Juin

The effect of surface preparation on the behaviour of double strap adhesive joints with thick steel adherents
K.N. Anyfantis & N.G. Tsouvalis

Pultrusion characterisation for adhesive joints
J.A. Nisar, S.A. Hashim & P.K. Das

Buckling of composite plates

Studies of the buckling of composite plates in compression
B. Hayman, C. Berggreen, C. Lundsgaard-Larsen, A. Delarche, H.L. Toftegaard, R.S. Dow, J. Downes, K. Misirlis, N. Tsouvalis & C. Douka

Buckling strength parametric study of composite laminated plates with delaminations
N.G. Tsouvalis & G.S. Garganidis

Buckling behaviour of the ship deck composite plates with cut-outs
Ionel Chirica, Elena-Felicia Beznea & Raluca Chirica

Buckling behaviour of plates with central elliptical delamination
Elena-Felicia Beznea, Ionel Chirica & Raluca Chirica

Methods and tools for structural design and optimization

Structural design of a medium size passenger vessel with low wake wash
Dario Boote & Donatella Mascia

Multi-objective optimization of ship structures: Using guided search vs. conventional concurrent optimization
Jasmin Jelovica & Alan Klanac

Digital prototyping of hull structures in basic design
José M. Varela, Manuel Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

Structural reliability safety and environmental protection

Still water loads

Probabilistic presentation of the total bending moments of FPSO’s
Lyuben D. Ivanov, Albert Ku, Beiqing Huang & Viviane C.S. Krzonkala

Stochastic model of the still water bending moment of oil tankers
L. Garrè & Enrico Rizzuto

Statistics of still water bending moments on double hull tankers
Joško Parunov, Maro C´orak & C. Guedes Soares

Ship structural reliability

Structural reliability of the ultimate hull girder strength of a PANAMAX container ship
Jörg Peschmann, Clemens Schiff & Viktor Wolf

Sensitivity analysis of the ultimate limit state variables for a tanker and a bulk carrier
A.W. Hussein & C. Guedes Soares

Ultimate strength and reliability assessment of laminated composite plates under axial compression
N. Yang, P.K. Das & Xiong Liang Yao

Environmental impact

Modelling of environmental impacts of ship dismantling
I.S. Carvalho, P. Antão & C. Guedes Soares

Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions reduction by dynamic propeller pitch control
Massimo Figari & C. Guedes Soares

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