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Analysis and Design of Marine Structures

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Published March 11, 2013 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Analysis and Design of Marine Structures includes the papers from MARSTRUCT 2013, the 4th International Conference on Marine Structures (Espoo, Finland, 25-27 March 2013).

The MARSTRUCT series of conferences started in Glasgow, UK in 2007, followed by the second conference in Lisbon, Portugal (March 2009), while the third conference was held in Hamburg, Germany (March 2011). All MARSTRUCT-conferences deal with Ship and Offshore Structures, whereby this present volume focusses on:

- Methods and Tools for Loads and Load Effects;

- Methods and Tools for Strength Assessment;

- Experimental Analysis of Structures;

- Materials and Fabrication of Structures;  

- Methods and Tools for Structural Design and Optimisation; and

- Structural Reliability, Safety and Environmental Protection.

Analysis and Design of Marine Structures is an essential resource for academics, engineers and professionals involved in marine structures and in the design of ship and offshore structures.

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Wave loads

Long-term prediction of combined wave and whipping bending moments of containership, M. Ćorak, J. Parunov & C. Guedes Soares

Semi-empirical assessment of long-term high-frequency hull girder response of containerships—an update, A. Kahl, H. Rathje, J. Rorup & T.E. Schellin

Numerical studies on deepwater dry tree semisubmersible, R. Sundaravadivelu, N. Gogula, N. Srinivasan & V.P.K. Kaundinya

Numerical simulation of structural response under bow flare slamming load, T. Yoshikawa & M. Maeda


Vibrations of superyacht structures: Comfort rules and predictive calculations, D. Boote, T. Pais & S. Dellepiane

Noise on board RO-Pax vessels: Measured levels on existing ships and new pre-normative requirements, T. Gaggero & E. Rizzuto

An analytical method for cabin deck fundamental frequency, A. Laakso, J. Romanoff, H. Remes & A. Niemela

The use of seismic isolation with the method of finite element to reduce vibrations caused by the earthquake in the offshore platform, H. Rostami & A.V. Oskouei

On the non-linear hydroelastic response in irregular head waves of a structural optimized container ship, I. Rubanenco, I. Mirciu & L. Domnisoru

Simplified formulations of mass and geometric stiffness matrices in vibration and stability analyses of thin-walled structures, I. Senjanović, N. Vladimir & D.S. Cho

Response to accidental loads

Numerical analysis of warship’s structural panel subjected to airblast and underwater explosions, M. Ali, S. Mondal, A. Samanta & G. Narendran

Behavior of stiffened panels exposed to fire, M.R. Manco, M.A. Vaz, J.C.R. Cyrino & A. Landesmann

Structures on ice

Cost optimization for ice-loaded structures, S. Ehlers & P. Kujala

Measured ice loads and design ice loads, M. Suominen, P. Kujala, R. von Bock und Polach & J. Kiviranta

L-year maximum values of local ice loads on ship hulls, A. Suyuthi, B.J. Leira & K. Riska

Impact and collision

A new super-element for estimating the collision resistance of an inclined ship side, L. Buldgen, H. Le Sourne & P. Rigo

Damage of ships for engine room section struck by bulbous bow, C.F. Hung, Y.D. Hsieh, W.L. Chien, Y.T. Huang & Z.M. Zhou

Modeling aspects of strength capacity of intact and damaged ship girders, D. Koukounas & M.S. Samuelides

Failure characteristics of strength-equivalent aluminium and steel plates in impact conditions, B. Liu, R. Villavicencio & C. Guedes Soares

Shear and tensile failure of thin aluminium plates struck by cylindrical and spherical indenters, B. Liu, R. Villavicencio & C. Guedes Soares

Material modeling for finite-element simulation of ship impacts, J.N. Marinatos & M.S. Samuelides

Experimental and numerical investigations of an alternative stiffening system for ship side structures to increase collision safety, M. Schottelndreyer, I. Tautz, W. Fricke, B. Werner, C. Daske, H. Heyer & M. Sander

Hydraulic modelling of submerged oil spill including tanker hydrostatic overpressure, M. Sergejeva, J. Laanearu & K. Tabri

Plastic mechanism analysis of structural performances for stiffeners on bottom floor plating during shoal grounding accident, Z. Yu, Z. Hu & G. Wang

Fatigue strength

Stress intensity factor analysis using digital image correlation: A post-processing approach, J.H. den Besten, M.L. Kaminski & R.H.M. Huijsmans

Realistic fatigue life prediction of weld toe and weld root failure in load-carrying cruciform joints by crack propagation analysis, C. Fischer & W. Fricke

Fatigue strength of laser-welded thin plate ship structures based on nominal and structural hot-spot stress approach, W. Fricke, H. Remes, O. Feltz, I. Lillemae, D. Tchuindjang, T. Reinert, A. Nevierov, W. Sichermann, M. Brinkmann, T. Kontkanen, B. Bohlmann & L. Molter

Influence of surface integrity on the fatigue strength of high strength steel in balcony openings of cruise ship structures, E. Korhonen, H. Remes, J. Romanoff, A. Niemela, P. Hiltunen & T. Kontkanen

Numerical study of stress concentration factors in damaged FPSO side panels under in-plane compression loads, B.C. Pinheiro, I.P. Pasqualino & C.F.C. Ferreira

Implementation of fatigue properties of laser welds into classification rules, H. von Selle, J. Peschmann & S. Eylmann

A FE based numerical tool for crack assessment in ship structures employing the CSR loading scheme, I.K. Zilakos, V.A. Karatzas, E.V. Chatzidouros, V.J. Papazoglou & N.G. Tsouvalis

Ultimate strength

Design of Y stiffened panels in double hull tanker under axial compressive loads, A.S. El-Hanafi, S.F. Badran & H.W. Leheta

Nonlinear buckling behavior of stiffened ship panels, M. Ozdemir & A. Ergin

Finite element modelling of the ultimate strength of stiffened plates with residual stresses, M. Tekgoz, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

Elastic buckling and elasto-plastic collapse behaviors with torsion of a longitudinal stiffener under axial compression, D. Yanagihara & M. Fujikubo

Ultimate strength of river-sea container ships, W. Zhang, X. Luo & W. Wu

Experimental analysis

Experiments on three mild steel box girders of different spans under pure bending moment, J.M. Gordo & C. Guedes Soares

Scale model tests for the post-ultimate strength collapse behavior of a ship’s hull girder under whipping loads, K. Iijima, Y. Suzaki & M. Fujikubo

Solutions to improve accuracy in experimental measurement of the dynamic response of resilient mountings for marine diesel engines, L. Moro, M. Biot, N. Mantini & C. Pestelli

Composite structures

Numerical analysis of cracked marine structures repaired with composite patches, E.I. Avgoulas, V.A. Karatzas, I.K. Zilakos & N.G. Tsouvalis

Hybrid composite and metallic hulls, the best of both worlds, R.G.S. Barsoum

Buckling studies on ship hull imperfect composite plates, E.F. Beznea & I. Chirica

Calibration of a finite element composite delamination model by experiments, M. Gaiotti, C.M. Rizzo, K. Branner & P. Berring

Comparison of load-carrying behavior between web-core sandwich, stiffened and isotropic plate, J. Jelovica & J. Romanoff

An experimental and numerical study of corroded steel plates repaired with composite patches, V.A. Karatzas, E. Kotsidis & N.G. Tsouvalis

On the scope of using composites as major structural parts of large commercial ships, K. Kunal & S. Surendran

Weld simulation

Simulation of the weld overlay procedure for corrosion repair of pressure vessels, L. Gannon

A study on computational fluid dynamics simulation of friction stir welding, S.W. Kang & B.S. Jang

Experimental investigation of welding deformations of hybrid structural joint, T. Urbański & M. Taczała

Welding residual stress and its effect on fatigue crack propagation after overloading, K. Yuan & Y. Sumi

Structural analysis

Equivalent shell element for ship structural design, E. Avi, A. Niemela, I. Lillemae & J. Romanoff

Thermal and strength analysis of LNG tanks and their supporting structures in the early design stage, M. Biot, N. Mantini & L. Moro

Shear response of prismatic passenger ship hull-girders, K. Melk, J. Romanoff, H. Remes, P. Varsta, H. Naar & A. Niemela

Linear and nonlinear FE analyses of a container vessel in harsh sea state, J.W. Ringsberg, Z. Li, A. Tesanovic & C. Knifsund

Structural design

Revisit of a 1970s semi-submersible pipe layer, B. Boon

A new generation of offshore structures, F.P. Brennan & C.M. Rizzo

Multi-objective optimisation of ship hull structure by genetic algorithm with combined fitness function, Z. Sekulski

Optimization of structural design to minimize lifetime maintenance cost of a naval vessel, D. Temple & M. Collette

Structural reliability and risk models

Hull girder reliability assessment of FPSO, N.-Z. Chen, G. Wang & J. Bond

A study on random field model for representation of corroded surface, M.M. Htun, Y. Kawamura & M. Ajiki

Lifecycle structural optimization of mid-ship of double hull tanker based on holistic risk evaluation, Y. Kawamura, Y. Ohba & Y. Kaede

Probabilistic pit depth corrosion model of subsea gas pipeline, M.H. Mohd, D.K. Kim, D.W. Kim & J.K. Paik

Renewable energy devices

Structural design of a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines in red sea, K.R. Hussein, A.W. Hussein, E.H. Hegazy & A.A. Amin

Performance of tethered floating breakwater supporting small scale wind turbine of 750 kw, R. Sundaravadivelu, V.K. Gopikrishnan & C. Yuvraj

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