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Analysis and Integration of Behavioral Units

ISBN 9781138659742
Published May 31, 2018 by Routledge
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Book Description

Originally published in 1986, this volume was the result of a conference in honor of the 65th birthday of the late Kenneth MacCorquodale, an exceptionally eloquent spokesman for the field of experimental analysis of behaviour at the time. The present volume grew directly out of the issues raised by MacCorquodale and Meehl in their "Excursis: The Response Concept" paper and which MacCorquodale posed so often when he taught. It is a fitting tribute to the man on his 65th birthday that a group of scholars whom he held in the highest regard convened in one place to think out loud about two of the thorniest problems facing behavioral science, namely, the nature of the units of analysis of the subject matter and the mechanisms responsible for their integration.

Table of Contents

Contributors.  Preface.  Foreword by Travis Thompson.  Part 1: Background  1. Behavioral Units: A Historical Introduction Michael D. Zeiler  2. The Problem of Behavioral Units Travis Thompson  3. Molar vs. Molecular Units of Behavior Paolo Meazzini and Carlo Ricci  4. The Language Trap and the Study of Pattern in Human Action Peter Harzem  Part 2: Basic Units of Analysis 5. Returning the Operant-Respondent Distinction Philip N. Hineline  6. Behavior Units and Optimality Michael D. Zeiler  7. In Application, Frequency is Not the Only Estimate of the Probability of Behavior Units Donald M. Baer  8. Pharmacological Contributions to Experimental Analysis of Behavior Peter B. Dews  Part 3: Language and Mathematics  9. Mathematics and Verbal Behavior M. Jackson Marr  10. Some Nonverbal Properties of Verbal Behavior A. Charles Catania and Daniel T. Cerutti  11. Functional Analysis of Emergent Verbal Classes Murray Sidman  12. Behavior as a Function of Inner States and Outer Circumstances Roger Schnaitter  Part 4: Integration of Larger Units of Analysis  13. Functional Units of Human Behavior and their Integration: A Dispositional Analysis David Lubinski and Travis Thompson  14. Trait Language and Behaviorese Paul E. Meehl  15. The Formation of Ritual Behavior John L. Falk.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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