1st Edition

Analysis and Performance of Engineering Materials
Key Research and Development

Edited By

Gennady E. Zaikov

ISBN 9781774632215
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
544 Pages 155 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This new book facilitates the study of problematic chemicals in such applications as chemical fate modeling, chemical process design, and experimental design. It provides a valuable overview of current chemical processes, products, and practices and analyzes theories to formulate and prove physicochemical principles. It addresses the production and application of polymers, including chemical, physicochemical, and purely physical methods of examination.

Topics include:

• Radiotransparent fiberglass plastic products based on highly cross-linked polymer matrices

• Properties and development of hyaluronan (HA) for pharmaceutical applications

• Adhesive bonding of steel sheets treated by nitrooxidation in comparison with nontreated steel

• Results of simulation by the Monte Carlo method of kinetics of three-dimensional free-radical polymerization of tetrafunctional monomers (TFM)

• Elastomeric compositions based on systems with functionally active components for extreme conditions

• Experimental research on efficient clearing of gas emissions in the manufacture of ceramic materials

• The use of solar cells in the manufacture of textile materials

• Ceramization of polymer compositions as a method for flame retardancy in materials

The important research found in this book will aid scientists and researchers in developing improved engineering materials. The book’s coverage of a broad spectrum of key developments can be applied in industrial chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science.

Table of Contents


Modeling of Stress Birefringence for Highly Cross-Linked Polymers; Nikolai V. Ulitin, Nail K. Nuriev, Rafit R. Nabiev, Ilshat I. Nasyrov, Daria A. Shiyan, and Gennady E. Zaikov

High-Molecular Weight Biopolymer; A. M. Omer, T. M .Tamer, and M. S. Mohyeldin

Steel Surface Modification; Igor Novák, Ivan Michalec, Marian Valentin, Milan Marônek, Ladislav Šoltés, Ján Matyašovský, and Peter Jurkovic

Monte Carlo Simulation of the Three-Dimensional Free-Radical Polymerization of Tetrafunctional Monomers; Yu. M. Sivergin, S. M. Usmanov, F. R. Gaisin, and A. L. Kovarski

Application of Polycondensation Capable Monomers for Production of Elastomeric Materials Working in Extreme Conditions; V. F. Kablov and G. E. Zaikov

Aromatic Polyamides and Polyimides of Triarilmethane Fragments in Main Chain; T. A. Borukaev, M. A. Gastasheva, M. A. Tlenkopachev, B. S. Mashukova, and G. E. Zaikov

Biopolymers for Application in Photonics; Ileana Rau and Francois Kajzar

Molecular Modeling Of The Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide NMR 1H and 13C Spectra; N. ¿. ¿urovskij, Yu. V. Berestneva, E. V. Raksha, N. I. Vatin, and G. ¿. Zaikov

Clearing and Cooling of Smoke Fumes in Production of Pottery; R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov

Update on CNT/Polymer Nano-Composites: From Theory to Applications; A. K. Haghi

3D Reconstruction from Two Views of Single 2D Image and Its Applications in Pore Analysis of Nanofibrous Membrane; B. Hadavi Moghadam and A. K. Haghi

Solar Power Harvesting by Photovoltaic Materials: A Comprehensive Review; M. Kanafchian

Geometric and Electronic Structure of the Models of Dekacene and Eicocene Within the Framework of Molecular Graphene Model; V. A. Babkin, V. V. Trifonov, V. Yu. Dmitriev, D. S. Andreev, A. V. Ignatov, E. S.Titova, O. V. Stoyanov, and G. E. Zaikov

Introduction to Ceramizable Polymer Composites; R. Anyszka and D. M. Bielinski

The Rheological Behaviour of Liquid Two-Phase Gelatin-Locust Bean Gum Systems; Yurij A. Antonov

The Kinetic DPPH-Method of Antiradical Activity Analysis of the Materials of Plant Origin; V. A. Volkov and V. M. Misin


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Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, is head of the Polymer Division at the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and professor at Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, as well as professor at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. He is also a prolific author, researcher, and lecturer. He has received several awards for his work, including the Russian Federation Scholarship for Outstanding Scientists. He has been a member of many professional organizations and on the editorial boards of many international science journals.