1st Edition

Analysis for Design of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Vessels

By Suong V. Hoa Copyright 1991

    This book aims to utilize the principles that have been developed for composite materials in the aircraft industry and apply these principles for the analysis for design of fiber reinforced plastic vessels and piping in the chemical processing industry.

  • General
  • Types of FRP Vessels
  • FRP Vessels in the Chemical Processing Industry
  • Scope of This Book
    Properties of Constituent Layers
  • General
  • Mechanical Properties of Constituent Layers
  • Components of Modulus and Compliance of Constituent Layers
  • Effect of Operating Conditions
    Laminate Theory
  • General
  • Laminate Code
  • Rules of Mixture
  • One-Dimensional Laminate Theory
  • Two-Dimensional Laminate Theory
  • Failure Criteria
  • Conclusion
    Analysis for Internal Pressure Loading
  • Introduction
  • Analysis Using Shell Equations
  • Simplified Analysis
  • Experimental Verification of Laminate Theory
  • Failure of Composite Tubes under Internal Pressure
    Stability of FRP Vessels
  • Introduction
  • Vessels under Vacuum Loading or External Pressure
  • Vessels and Tanks Subjected to Axial Loads
  • Conclusion
    Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficient for Individual Layers
  • Off-Axis Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Stress-Strain Relations Including Thermal Strains
  • Thermal Residual Strains and Stresses Resulting from Thermal Change for General Laminates
  • Thermal Stresses in Composite Cylinders
  • Conclusion
    Effect of Discontinuities
  • Introduction
  • Branch Openings and Reinforcements
  • Horizontal Vessels on Saddle Supports

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  • Biography

    Suong V. Hoa