1st Edition

Analytic Philosophy Without Naturalism

Edited By Antonella Corradini, Sergio Galvan, E. J. Lowe Copyright 2006

    In recent years numerous attempts have been made by analytic philosophers to naturalize various different domains of philosophical inquiry. All of these attempts have had the common goal of rendering these areas of philosophy amenable to empirical methods, with the intention of securing for them the supposedly objective status and broad intellectual appeal currently associated with such approaches.

    This volume brings together internationally recognised analytic philosophers, including Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen and Robert Audi, to question the project of naturalism. The articles investigate what it means to naturalize a domain of philosophical inquiry and look at how this applies to the various sub-disciplines of philosophy including epistemology, metaphysics and the philosophy of the mind. The issue of whether naturalism is desirable is raised and the contributors take seriously the possibility that excellent analytic philosophy can be undertaken without naturalization.

    Controversial and thought-provoking, Analytic Philosophy Without Naturalism examines interesting and contentious methodological issues in analytic philosophy and explores the connections between philosophy and science.


    A. Corradini is Professor of Philosophy of Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

    S. Galvan is Professor of Logic at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

    E.J. Lowe is Professor of Philosophy, University of Durham, UK.